A Look At The Anonymous Sex Scene At Trump's Convention

Delegate up for grabs... indelicately. Trump me, Daddy! m4m (Near QLA/RNC) in a proper conservative by day, a body athletic height 6'3" (190cm 1s1g st

As we speak, hundreds (if not thousands) of Republicans are having having hot, nasty, anonymous Cleveland sex. I know this because browsing Craigslist personals reveals a thriving, throbbing hookup scene around the Republican National Convention. Browsing these listings turned out to be a fascinating insight into the complex tapestry of erotic delights that surround a political convention -- like the fact that slapping meat with a stranger with opposing political views is apparently a huge turn-on.

The first thing I noticed was that searching for "men seeking men" with the key phrase "RNC" netted me a full page of results:

personals men seeking men rnc list prev 1 to 14 next 3aL 20 Twink looking to get fucked by RNC hottie 19 Jat 19 visiting for RNC. former di athlete 23

"Men seeking women" was much less common, but there is still a smattering of returns:

personals men seeking women rnc list prev 1 to 6 next Jul 19 RNC Cleveland Friends (Cleveland) Jul 11 l MM Seeking 1 MW in town for RNC (Cleveland) Ju

But the results for "women seeking women" and "women seeking men" returned no results whatsoever. It seems Lady Republicans are too classy for Craigslist.

personals women seeking women rnc list no results Nothing found for that search. (All words must match.) Aback to tOP no results

personals women seeking men rnc list DO results Nothing found for that search. (All words must match.) back to top no results

So let's dig into just what these men wanted. The "men seeking women" results were ... kind of sad, to be honest. They seemed to be entirely made up of local Clevelanders hoping to score a hot night with an upstanding Republican lady, under the assumption that their marriage is miserable ("we both won't change our situation ...").

1 MM Seeking 1 MW in town for RNC X In town for the RNC.... body : average height : 6'0 (182cm) Seeking passion, fun and 1 status : married OH : OH d

When it's a left-winger posting the ad, you start to see the first signs of the "Button-Down Republican" as a fetish. Take this dude, who insists "You keep your convention outfit on."

Seeking Republican lady for good time- m4w X Good afternoon to all of the ladies here for the RNC. 30 something, bleeding heart liberal professional i

And this one, who promises your star-crossed Romeo and Juliet affair across the aisle won't involve any political talk, just a forbidden journey to the "dark side."

Life Long Democrat Looking To Encounter a Republican - m4w X In honor of the RNC being in body : average Cleveland this week, this life long democrat

There also seemed to be definite trend in local gay Clevelanders looking for strong (NSFW), authoritarian Republican tops (NSFW) to dominate them. Don't click those links unless you want to see a lot of ass and balls, by the way. But check out this post by a Democrat with a clear, mighty attraction to being fucked by his political rival. "WOULDN'T IT BE HOT TO PUT THE SCREWS TO A DEMOCRAT?"

Hungry masc discret vers btm body : hwp height: 6'1 (185cm) democrat- ddf status : single WOULDNT IT BE HOT TO PUT THE 37 SCREWS TO A age: DEMOCRAT..

Or these posts from bottoms looking for strong, corporal-punishment-supporting conservative lovers:

Disciplinarian in Town for RNC (N E Ohio) X Looking for a headmaster type. Someone who isn't age: 47 afraid to administer bare bottomed corporal punis

DOMINATE REPULICAN VISITORS LOOKING FIR SUBMISSIVE m4m X Wanted dominate aggressive body : average height 5'11 (180cm) republican tie take out status

The weird thing is, this particular kink -- inter-party sex that your favorite candidate would disapprove of -- appears to only go one way. There are plenty of Democrats seeking Republicans, in the most explicit terms possible:

Republican cock sucker m4m (East) x Democrat looking to suck body : athletic Republican cock. Free all next week Easy travel to me, age: 26 I host. Be

Yeah, the term "Republican cock" comes up a bunch. Like this next one, who claims they "always fantasized about sucking on a nice hard Republican cock" and are apparently turned on by the exotic draw of a "conservative manhood."

Liberal fantasy - m4m X Liberal here, who always body : average status : married fantasized about sucking on a nice hard Republican cock age: 50 Put m

You get the sense that in their social circles, a Republican is like a unicorn. Or rather, the sexual equivalent of a unicorn, so maybe like a guy with two dicks -- a crazy walk on the wild side you can tell your friends about later ("Then he started talking about funding Medicaid via state-level block grants!").

But I haven't been able to find any Republicans fantasizing over the same thing, in the other direction. In fact, some of the Republicans I found would only hook up with other Republicans:

Delegate up for grabs... indelicately. Trump me, Daddy!- m4m X I'm a proper conservative by body : athletic height 6'3 (190cm) day, political a risin

I'm not sure this guy knows what "straight" means.

Now, you might note that the above dude insisted on only "white" partners. I wouldn't take that as a specific indictment of gay Republicans; it's incredibly common for Craiglist hook-upers everywhere to specify only a single preferred race (and almost always advertise their own). I did, however, run into one deeply troubling race-focused RNC fuckpost:

Mandingo for onthe Auction Block for Convention Goer - m4w (Cleveland) X Extremely well hung (about body : athletic height : 6'3 (190cm) eleven thick

Yes, that appears to be a black man looking for a Republican partner to roleplay an erotic slave/master relationship. A white male delegate from Georgia could probably discover all sorts of things about the world in that room.

That's another thing -- there are plenty of postings playing to the "closeted gay" stereotype, including this guy who prefers "married politicians" who "rim and suck behind closed doors."

52, total bottom, shaved nuts body : athletic height: 5'10 (177cm) and very oral..clean and can ohio tn keep a secret Seeking out straight of gay mal

And this one, which promises you will "take a break from your delusions."

I'll work over your little RNC holes - m4m X Capable kinky Topman body : athletic height : 5'10 (177cm) available during RNC. You status : single wan

And really, shouldn't all of us take a break from our delusions every now and then? But when it comes to the listings that are the most difficult to resist responding to, who could say no to this Democratic couple which wants a Republican couple willing to come wrestle them?

A Look At The Anonymous Sex Scene At Trump's Convention

Actually, that part about including a photo sounds shady. I'm pretty sure they just want to make sure they can take you.

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