Get In Touch With Your Inner Starving Artist With These Buys

Get In Touch With Your Inner Starving Artist With These Buys

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Adobe has remained the industry standard in the design world, and for good reason. It's relatively easy to learn, easy to use, and is so completely comprehensive that the only limit to what you can design is your own imagination. (And anything related to Disney. Their copyright lawyers are fierce.)

But to become proficient in the Adobe arts, you're going to have to get yourself educated. This Graphic Design Certification School is the best way to learn computer skills short of resurrecting Mavis Beacon in your living room and having her shout typing instructions at you. With it, you'll master three of the most commonly used Creative Cloud apps via practical, easy-to-follow instructions. Buy all three Adobe trainings separately, and you pay up to $1,197. But this all-in-one deal will give you access to everything for just $39. Here's what you'll be getting:

Adobe Photoshop

Get In Touch With Your Inner Starving Artist With These Buys

If the Adobe suite were the Wu Tang Clan, then Photoshop would be RZA. Photoshop is the most notorious of the bunch, the leader, and if we're being frank, the most likely to go by the alter ego "Bobby Digital." This training course will give you the skills to generate professional-grade images ready for print or the web. Whether you use those skills to up your Instagram meme game or actually take them into the workforce is up to you. But whatever you choose, you'll be able to morph images, colors, layers, and even formats into artistic creations that Shaolin-kick right off the screen.

Adobe InDesign


The next step on your quest toward Adobe enlightenment is InDesign training. If you're unfamiliar with InDesign, just think of it like the Photoshop for flyers, newsletters, business cards, and virtually anything else that will become printed material. InDesign might be the least recognizable of the Adobe clan, but we can't stress its importance enough. This is a tool that helps your projects get out into the physical world. It's the difference between making a catchy Facebook meme for engaging in some online slacktivism and marching in a rally with a professionally designed poster.

Adobe Illustrator


Finally, we've got the big guns. Mr. Steal Yo Girl And Touch Up On Yo Logos. It's the one and only Adobe Illustrator. Learning Illustrator will add graphics, icons, typography, and other vector art projects to your design repertoire. Used in conjunction with the other Adobe platforms, it will allow you to fully realize any design project your twisted little mind could possibly dream up. Will you use your newfound powers for the good of the realm, perhaps creating the necessary graphic underpinnings for a nonprofit startup? Statistics say you'll probably just make cover art for anime fanfiction, but who knows, maybe you'll rise above.

To Adobe or not to be? That is the question.

We say Adobe all you can be, and now is the time to do it. Take full advantage of this all-in-one deal, and get access to everything for just $39. You can also find other training courses in the Cracked Store, and be on the lookout for all of our pop culture mashup T-shirts in the Cracked Dispensary. Rest easy child, for your journey toward becoming Master of Images, Charmer of Graphics, and Lord of the Aspect Ratios starts the moment you click those links.

From hip and modern Binary Art to true Renaissance classics like Mikey's David, everyone has the soul of an artist hiding deep inside. Why not you, friend? Why not you?

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