2 New X Games and Pop Culture Mashup Shirts

Everything can be taken to the extreme. EVERYTHING.
2 New X Games and Pop Culture Mashup Shirts

From Austin, Texas, to Aspen, Colorado, to all the climate zones in between, nothing's more fun than doing rad tricks with flat stuff on your feet. Extreme sports are the best new athletic invention since the forward pass, and this week we decided they deserve the level of T-shirt love we've already shown old-man competitions like football, baseball, and running around.

2 New X Games and Pop Culture Mashup Shirts

We already installed a Tony Hawk patch on RoboCop's master of everything but stairs, and a splash of magenta looks good on anybody. In case you're looking for something that goes with your other pants, we're proud to put that same design (originally by Randall Maynard, the Bob Burnquist of art and of defending Detroit) in a new and stylish green.

2 New X Games and Pop Culture Mashup Shirts

And even though history has a way of freezing badasses like Teddy Roosevelt in our minds as august, grizzled old men, never forget that they used to be young and reckless (and occasionally shirtless) kids. With Charlie Chaplin, though, you don't forget. He was too much of a master of stunts and the perfect tramp to ever not seem like a freewheeling kid, even when he took breaks to stand alone against Hitler. This design by Josh Geiser captures all of Chaplin's classic bravery in the face of physical danger, and adds in the kind of snowboarding thrills he would have sought again and again if he lived today.

A Classic Returns, Remastered and Reprinted and ...

... in no way similar to anything else in pop culture.


We're doing a limited reprint of a contest winner from our call for awesome ways to capture Cracked in a clever shirt design. And if you're sitting there saying, "Does this shirt sync up with The Wizard of Oz?" well ... why are you asking about The Wizard of Oz? It doesn't matter what this reminds you of, only that it's a damn fine way to celebrate your love of Cracked, science, pop culture, and ... other stuff.

Even More Extreme Designs to Sling Over and Around Your Extremities

In case two robots and a film legend shredding hard isn't enough for you, how about a cat doing its best Dave Mirra impression?

2 New X Games and Pop Culture Mashup Shirts

And if you're the kind of person who likes extreme sports but knows they're still years away from their peak, we agree, and we made a shirt about it.


Our Weekly Dose of Envy

Is it kind of a bummer that most extreme sports are solo efforts? Sure, everybody seems friendly, but there just aren't that many equivalents of time-honored collaborative sports moves like the alley-oop, the double steal, and the putting your face in the center's butt every snap. We think the T-shirt game can be more of a team sport than it is already, which is why we bring you our favorite new shirts from across the Internet in this space weekly. You're Karl Malone and we're John Stockton. Dunk that shit.



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2 New X Games and Pop Culture Mashup Shirts

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Available at Society6


2 New X Games and Pop Culture Mashup Shirts

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