2 New Shirts for Thor, Tesla, and 'Neverending Story' Fans


Fall's coming, which means Halloween's coming, which means it's almost the perfect season for appreciating dark, badass fantasy. We've got new shirts ready to go for that spookily excellent time, and if you order them right now you'll get them and wash them in time for any trick-or-treating event or Avengers 'n' Science Party you like.

2 New Shirts for Thor, Tesla, and 'Neverending Story' Fans

There are so many fantastical movies about childhood adventures, and so many of them make that look like cheesy fun. Which might be why we love the movies that make them as scary as new experiences can be to real kids, even when someone hasn't come for your daughter (Chuck), or The Nothing isn't about to eat everything. This design from Redbubble regular Letter-Q brings Beetlejuice and The NeverEnding Story together in all their fascinating creepitude. Our inner child likes a good scare, and our outer adult looks great wearing a couple of them in one mashup.


If seeing this doesn't make "Thunderstruck" play in your head as your biceps and frontal lobe spontaneously double in size, you might not be ready to wear it. We've made a lot of designs now. And we've even celebrated regular ol' Tesla in multiple printings. But until we made this new design, we hadn't reached our full potential to create something truly boss. It's Tesla as Thor. With an alternating current Mjolnir. It's high voltage style that can be yours right now, by designer Luiza "Zee" Mendoza and idea by Randall Maynard.

Our Weekly Dose of Shirt Envy

We think we made some of the best new shirts on the Internet, but don't take our word for it. Stack them up against our five favorite new designs from across the rest of the Internet. Whether we're right or wrong, this ends in you wearing something better than you had before.


2 New Shirts for Thor, Tesla, and 'Neverending Story' Fans

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