1 New Shirt for '70s Rock and '90s TV Fans

If you're a baseball player, you've begun the revivifying process of spring training. But if you're our Society6 store, you never stopped grinding. You kept churning out great new design after design, and this week you've got a heck of a new shirt for sale RIGHT NOW:

Just like there never would have been a Queen without Brian May or Roger Taylor, there never would have been a Family Matters without Reginald VelJohnson or Rosetta LeNoire. But the day Freddie Mercury joined Smile, it was forever Queen. And when Episode No. 12 turned Jaleel White into the Once and Future Steven/Stefan/Myrtle, a Perfect Strangers spin-off became so much more. This design by Joseph LeJeune conveys all the horror of being an album art giantbot or a TV series breakout character, because what do you do with so much power and so many artists in your hands? (Or, ya know, it can just be a fun mashup that makes you think of stadium jams and this theme song. Whatever you want. Point is: Mashups are fun!)

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We're A Mashup Of Every Kind Of Store

What time is it? Time to get a new clock. Who you gonna call? Our Society6 store for this handsome and accurate wallwatch featuring Dana/Zuul.

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Your phone's probably living snugly in a case right now, but does that case feature TESLA WIELDING THE HAMMER OF THOR????

Summer's on the way, and the 2016 election is a year away already kind of happening. So don't get caught without one of our breezy, mutation-accomodating tank tops.

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And from stationery to throw pillows to walls and walls of fun, we can outfit and RoboCop-ify every aspect of your life.

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Our Weekly Dose of Shirt Envy

And in case our hundreds of designs on all possible merch don't meet your needs, or in case you're just here for the shirts and you aren't quite satisfied, we did the personal shopper work for you. After an exhausting Supermarket Sweep-style sprint through the world of new online tees, we picked these out as our five absolute favorites, and present them to you here for your fashion pleasure. So stock up! It's still cold out in some places! You need the warmth!

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Available at Design By Humans


Available at BustedTees

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Available at NeatoShop


Available at Design By Humans


Available at Naolito

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