Jason Alexander Says ‘Serenity Now’ After the Yankees Don’t Compensate Him for Their George Costanza Bobblehead Promotion

Alexander thanked Yankees fans for their enthusiasm but noted that he’s not getting royalties on the collectible
Jason Alexander Says ‘Serenity Now’ After the Yankees Don’t Compensate Him for Their George Costanza Bobblehead Promotion

It’s the new Summer of George, and, as was the case during the last one, the New York Yankees aren’t giving George a cent.

To be fair to George Steinbrenner and the rest of the Yankees staff in the mid-1990s, very little of what George Costanza accomplished during his time working for the team on Seinfeld really deserved compensation or consideration. Most of George’s plans for The Pinstripes backfired spectacularly — as was the case with the dreaded cotton uniforms — and, as the Assistant to the Traveling Secretary, he seemed to actually assist his boss, Mr. Wilhelm, much less often than he created new problems for the Traveling Secretary and the rest of the storied franchise.

However, unlike his most famous character, Jason Alexander put in some seriously stellar work during his time on Seinfeld and is accustomed to securing handsome compensation for the effort. So, when the Yankees rolled out limited edition bobbleheads of George in his famous batting stance to be given to fans attending their recent matchup with their rivals the Boston Red Sox, Alexander, in proper George fashion, publicly and passive-aggressively pointed out that he never received any form of payment for the promotional product — the Yankees didn’t even bother to make a donation to the Human Fund.

Obviously, Alexander isnt exactly hurting for bobblehead bucks after the “gift from you to us” paid him a higher seasonal salary than the majority of actual Yankees players, but its easy to see why he would need a little serenity after seeing his face plastered across so many pieces of springy resin and plastic. Presumably, the Yankees had some deal in place with NBC to use their former Assistant to the Traveling Secretary for promotional products, and their crosstown rivals must have done the same — next month, the minor league Mets affiliate the Brooklyn Cyclones will roll out a different George bobblehead that will show Alexander sporting his signature Gore-Tex coat.

Its not immediately clear why this baseball season has become the Summer of George Bobbleheads, but, hopefully, Alexander is genuine in saying that he takes it as a compliment that so many fans will flood into baseball stadiums across New York to get a piece of him swiveling his head while he teaches Derek Jeter how to hit the ball. Hopefully, George isnt getting upset, and Alexander wont have to move in with his folks like the last time the Yankees didnt send him a check.


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