These Elon Musk Suck-Ups Think They Just Made ‘The South Park of X’

‘The New Norm’ is Twitter’s first animated sitcom — and the laughingstock of the internet
These Elon Musk Suck-Ups Think They Just Made ‘The South Park of X’

“Legalize humor!!” cry the creators of The New Norm Show as they post a clip of “comedy” so painful that it’s probably actionable under the Geneva Convention.

Right now, Rupert Murdoch’s right-wing media empire is hard at work establishing a foothold for the long-mocked category of “conservative comedy” on new media platforms through massive investments in Fox Nation projects for such marketable mainstream talents as Rob Schneider, Roseanne Barr and Jimmy Failla. Since the viewership demographics of Fox’ current comedy offerings overlaps so severely with the target audiences of email scammers and “Make America Great Again”-branded mobility scooters, you’d think that Fox executives would be falling out of their seats to fund a fresh, colorful comedy series on a platform frequented by those generations that are young enough to open PDFs.

With that in mind, the fact that failed comedian and professional culture war grifter Dave Rubin is now begging his followers to fund his poorly animated, awfully edited and embarrassingly laugh-tracked web series The New Norm Show means that the Rubin Report host is so profoundly untalented and unfunny that not even Fox Nation will bankroll his comedy dreams. 

Rubin’s series, which he’s hilariously branded as “The South Park of X,” is the first animated sitcom hosted on Elon Musk’s social media platform. The pitiful pilot of The New Norm Show even features a “cameo” from an animated, unspeaking Musk who, if he could talk, would probably tell Rubin that he’s still not going to spend a single tanking Tesla stock value on Rubin’s pathetic passion project.

Rubin spent the early aughts struggling to establish himself in the New York City stand-up scene while working as an intern at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Finding the comedy business too competitive and himself too unfunny to commit to stand-up as a career, Rubin, ahead of his time for a complete comedy non-talent, decided to branch out into podcasting, eventually landing a talk show on Sirius XM Radio. Early in his media career, Rubin aligned himself with left-leaning outlets such as The Young Turks before deciding that the emerging alt-right misinformation machine was an easier path to fame.

Today, Rubin is a regular guest at Turning Point USA events, and he hosts the show The Rubin Report on BlazeTV, the conservative streaming platform started by Glenn Beck that isnt listed among the supporters of The New Norm. Now that he has a following filled with so many millions of conservative culture warriors, Rubin believes that its high time for him to return to his comedy dreams as he peddles his sub-Kickstarter-production-value pilot to an internet that continues to revel in ratio-ing Rubins agonizing, sloppy, somehow earnest attempt at making an All in the Family-style show for people whose primary source of entertainment is scrolling A.I. images of Jesus on Facebook.

“This sucks, its like a cartoon designed for 50 year olds that revolves around a constant onslaught of facebook tier cringe political references that are too explicitly obvious to be funny,” the top reply with almost three times as many likes as the original post reads. 

Another Twitter user added, “Comedy is legal again. I don’t know why you didn’t add any.”

However, not every review of The New Norm has been quite as negative. One “supporter” responded, “I like the laugh track it let me know when to laugh.”


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