Rob Schneider Unleashes Expletive-Laden Rant Against Will Smith

Schneider hasn’t been this mad since Garth Brooks drank Bud Light
Rob Schneider Unleashes Expletive-Laden Rant Against Will Smith

America has forgiven Will Smith — or at least it’s willing to overlook his recent past. Despite storming the stage at the Oscars to slap Chris Rock after he joked about Jada Pinkett Smith, plenty of moviegoers shelled out 11 bucks to watch Smith reteam with Martin Lawrence in the latest Bad Boys installment, making him the #1 movie star in the country once again. But there’s a least one guy who’s unwilling to forgive and forget.

“Will Smith is a twat,” proclaimed Rob Schneider on The Kyle and Jackie O Show this week. “Will Smith has been hiding the fact of who he really is, and it was exposed that (Oscar) night. He’s really an asshole. It was a deep, dark thing to do that in front of all those people to a really great legendary comedian who’s literally the best comedian of our generation.”

Whew, shots fired! But we’re more than two years past the fracas. Why is Schneider piping up now? “I wasn’t allowed to say anything at that time because we were part of the committee that was supposed to punish him,” Schneider explained. “I was in a sticky situation because I was actually an elected official of the union at the time.” (Let that sink in for a moment: Schneider’s fellow actors voted Rob Schneider as a SAG-AFTRA union representative. Who was he running against, Chevy Chase?)

For her part, the eponymous Jackie O couldn’t believe Schneider’s a-hole assessment of the Fresh Prince. Smith seemed like such a nice guy when she met him. 

“He’s a liar,” Schneider explained. “A complete, utter fraud.” 

But Smith was under a lot of pressure at the time, Jackie O countered. 

“I’ve been under pressure! Kyle’s been under pressure. You’ve been under pressure,” said Schneider. “Will is a douchebag. That’s how politically correct the Academy is. They were so cowardly. Because if I would have done that, I would have been hauled out to prison. They were so worried about being racist.” 

Violence is violence, Schneider argued, no matter your religion or the color of your skin. Commit a crime? Do the time!

Surely Schneider could understand that Smith was simply standing up for his missus, Kyle offered. 

“It doesn’t matter,” Schneider said. “You can’t hit another dude if you’re standing up for your missus. It’s a joke, and I thought it was a very mild joke.” 

Schneider was in Mexico directing a movie at the time of The Slap. When his assistant director informed him that Smith had socked Rock, Schneider couldn’t believe it. He picked up the phone to get the straight dope from his SNL buddy, but Rock didn’t take the call.  

“He didn't want to talk to anybody,” explained Schneider. (Or at least, he didn’t want to talk to Schneider.) “I don’t blame him. It took him a while to get to where he could react to it because it was a lot to process that stuff. He’s a very sensitive, great guy, and he’s literally a genius.”

One thing’s for sure: Schneider won’t be recommending Smith for a part in Grown Ups 3.


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