Rob Schneider Says Cancel Culture Is ‘Over,’ But the ‘Grown Ups’ Franchise Isn’t

Fresh off yet another expulsion from a benefit show, Schneider is looking forward to the future of film and free speech
Rob Schneider Says Cancel Culture Is ‘Over,’ But the ‘Grown Ups’ Franchise Isn’t

After getting the hook at a second benefit gig in six months, conservative comedian Rob Schneider says that cancel culture is done for, but Happy Madison is just getting started.

Back in April, Schneider made front-page news for all the wrong reasons after a footnote in a Politico report leaked the conservative comedian’s secret that even Washington, D.C.’s reddest Republicans found his act distasteful, as he got himself 86’d from a right-wing political organization’s Christmas party in the middle of a “gross and vulgar” stand-up performance. Then, last week, Schneider was booed offstage at a charity gala to benefit the Hospitals of Regina Foundation in Saskatchewan, Canada after unleashing a slurry of anti-vaccination and anti-trans jokes that the Canadian health-care community found offensive and dubiously sourced. 

It’s unclear who keeps booking Schneider to play benefit shows where his boorish, bigoted, lowest-common-denominator humor closes potential donor’s purse strings faster than you can say “Deuce Bigalow,” but there’s one high-profile comedy magnate who may never give up on Schneider and what he calls his comedy: Adam Sandler.

In a brief, impromptu conversation with Page Six, Schneider proudly proclaimed of cancel culture, “It’s over!” while discussing the future of his film career, which thanks to the Sandman, will never die.

“There better be,” Schneider answered when a Page Six reporter asked him if there will ever be a Grown Ups 3, considering that Happy Gilmore has just been given the sequel treatment. When asked if he was onboard to turn the family-ish comedy series into a trilogy, Schneider said, “Oh yeah, are you kidding me?”

“There will be a Grown Ups 3, it'll be a winter movie,” Schneider claimed. Seeing as Sandler and his friends treat films like the first two Grown Ups as an opportunity to take a handsomely paid vacation, Schneiders comments could indicate that Sandler wants to take his buds on a ski trip next time Netflix drops off the dump truck full of cash.

Theres a real argument to be made that movies like Grown Ups are responsible for the phenomenon wherein organizers of charity shows consider Schneider to be a family-friendly performer. Either way, its too bad well never see the footage left on the cutting room floor from the first two Grown Ups movies — you gotta wonder whether Schneiders ever confronted Sandler for his performance in Jack and Jill now that Schneider apparently thinks that doing drag is a sex crime.


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