Rob Schneider Rages Against the Republican Politicians Who Canceled His Act

Schneider fired off profanity-laden tweets at the prominent conservative organizers and audience who walked out of his awful show
Rob Schneider Rages Against the Republican Politicians Who Canceled His Act

Rob Schneider is running out of snowflakes to trigger with his racist routine and pedestrian punchlines, so he’s decided to meltdown himself.

After decades of being treated like a punching bag by the mainstream comedy community, the Adam Sandler collaborator has spent the last several years blazing a trail that many other fundamentally untalented funnymen have followed to find massive success — Schneider currently makes his living in the right-wing pandering racket. In Fox Nation stand-up specials and on Patreon podcasts across the manosphere, artists like Schneider appeal to conservative comedy sensibilities by repeating the same three jokes about transgender people (Did you just assume my gender? / I identify as an attack helicopter! / Penis and balls in the ladies’ room?!?), and doing all the racist impressions and stereotype humor that has fallen out of fashion since the DVD release of the last Deuce Bigalow movie.

However, unfortunately for Schneider, even the right wing is starting to get tired of his shtick. According to a footnote in a recent Politico post, late last year, Schneider booked a gig entertaining a crowd of prominent Republican politicians, only for half the room to walk out mid-show, forcing the organizers to pull the plug on his performance just 10 minutes into what was supposed to be a half-hour set. Late last night, Schneider fought back against the offended conservatives who censored him in the only way he knows how — by bitching about it on Twitter.

The Senate Working Group (SWG) executive director whose headshot and bio Schneider blasted to his 1.7 million followers is the organizer of the holiday gala hosted at the Waldorf Astoria by the SWG. According to the Politico report, Schneider, a recent Catholic convert who had publicly promised to clean up his act in order to be a more pious performer, assured James Kimmey that he would keep his set relatively clean for the conservative audience, only to immediately launch into “gross and vulgar” jokes that caused many of the illustrious guests, including Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, to storm out of the event. Kimmey kicked Schneider off the stage shortly thereafter.

The next day, Kimmeys team sent an apologetic email to the events 150 high-ranking attendees about Schneiders upsetting act, telling the Republican politicians and power brokers, “While we do our best to ensure every aspect of our program is professional, courteous and appropriate, we sincerely regret that the entertainment at last night’s program fell short of that goal.”

When Schneider returns to the Capitol, his goal will be to unleash the extra 20 minutes on an audience thats not as easily triggered as the most prominent conservative lawmakers in the country.

In a separate tweet, Schneider also revealed that the “Korean Whore House” joke referenced in the Politico piece is featured in one of his Netflix specials, but Im not sure who he expects will stream it now that hes pissed off the Fox News crowd who have been paying his bills for the last few years. Its also unclear who exactly Schneider hopes will fill the seats at the D.C. Improv where he plans to get his raunchy revenge on those easily offended Republicans. His promoter has their work cut out for them trying to find a crowd willing to walk out on Schneider on a week night.


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