Rob Schneider Has Indeed Been Canceled — By Prominent Republicans

Rob Schneider Has Indeed Been Canceled — By Prominent Republicans

There are plenty of conservative comedians, says Rob Schneider, but they’re just too afraid of cancel culture to speak up. “A lot of people I’m friends with in Hollywood, they lean toward the right, but they’re just scared of it, because it really is like a mob of ideologues that you feel will attack you,” Schneider once told Fox News. “It’s really not necessarily based on anything but like this religious architecture in their thinking.”

It turns out that Schneider is right about cancel culture after all, but according to a Politico report, it’s a mob of woke Republican Senators who believe the comedian needs to shut his big yapper. Late last year, Schneider was hired to deliver a comedy set to a group of prominent Republicans, but his routine was “so off-color and off-putting” that the conservative host pulled the plug on the 30-minute gig after only 10 minutes. 

One Senator, Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.), stood up and walked out during Schneider’s performance for the Senate Working Group, a collective made up of senior GOP Hill staffers and alumni. Why did she leave in a huff? According to Hyde-Smith’s spokesperson, Schneider’s set was “gross and vulgar. She didn’t have to listen to it and so she got up and left.”

What could be so objectionable in a Rob Schneider set? After all, he performed the Republican gig late last year, the same period in which he told The Christian Post that he was giving up the naughty stuff thanks to his conversion to Catholicism. “I don’t know if I can tell dirty jokes anymore,” he piously offered. “Just some of the bad words, I go, 'Maybe I don’t want to say those words anymore.” 

Schneider must have converted right after the Senate Working Group show that was halted due to his “raunchy” and inappropriate jokes, including a crack about “Korean whore-houses” and other jokes aimed at Asian people. Hey, it’s okay — Schneider’s grandmother on his mother’s side was Filipina so he’s allowed. 

The audience, which included more than 40 Senate chiefs of staff, received an apology email from the Senate Working Group the following day: “While we do our best to ensure every aspect of our program is professional, courteous, and appropriate, we sincerely regret that the entertainment at last night’s program fell short of that goal.” It also said that Schneider had agreed to keep his gags relatively clean for the event, but the comic disregarded that promise.

Politico reached out to Schneider’s representatives for comment, but so far, it has only heard crickets. Perhaps Schneider has been too busy crafting an apology of his own. Sure, it’s difficult to admit when you’re wrong, but we’ll offer Schneider his own famous words of advice: 


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