Danny DeVito Shows Off His Botched Toe to the Alarm of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Fans

The Trollfoot returns — but, this time, it’s DeVito’s big toe that paid the toll
Danny DeVito Shows Off His Botched Toe to the Alarm of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Fans

Danny DeVito’s famous Trollfoot has finally returned to Twitter, but with a special Easter egg just for the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans — this time, he botched it.

The 79-year-old film and TV icon has always had one of the more unusual social media presences in entertainment. With nothing left to prove and no interest in selling out his quirky sense of humor for a promo, DeVito and his Trollfoot (which is just his regular foot that he photographs bare in bizarre-to-mundane circumstances) are almost the anti-George Takei in a Twitter landscape where seemingly every celebrity post is driven by branding, engagement or both, especially for the more established entertainers of the older generation such as Star Trek’s resident reposter.

DeVito’s almost monthly Trollfoot posts are a staple of any healthy Twitter feed, but after he took a nearly 10-week hiatus from feetposting, DeVito’s followers started to worry about the health of the Trollfoot — with good reason. After DeVito’s latest Trollfoot post, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans took one look at his hallux and told him to take it easy with the toe knife:

“BOTCHED TOE! OH I BOTCHED THAT ONE THATS A BOTCH JOB THATS BLEEDING I NEED SOME TRASH TO COVER THE CUT,” the top replier quoted from the Season Five It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode “Mac and Dennis Break Up,” which introduced the famous “toe knife” that Frank uses to clean gunk out from under his nails and DeVito apparently wields when he chips off chunks of his own.

Another concerned Always Sunny fan commented, "So, the Toe Knife storyline wasn’t fiction… Got it."

One medical expert in the threat advised, “Danny — just between us girls — might want to get the ‘ole padfoot looked at before the gangrene sets.”

Always Sunny fans were too busy talking toe knives and botch jobs to bother commenting on the other unclean practice DeVito put on display in his latest Trollfoot post: putting a gnarly foot directly on the felt of a pool table is especially troll-ish, even for Mr. Troll Toll himself. 

Someone’s going to have to replace that table, which means a lot of jerking, snapping and lifting with your back.


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