Rob McElhenney Just Posted the Best ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Blooper Reel Ever

His fight milk outtakes from the show aren’t just for bodyguards
Rob McElhenney Just Posted the Best ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Blooper Reel Ever

What up? Are you ready for the best blooper reel ever?

For as talented as Rob McElhenney and the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia staff are behind the camera, there’s something special about those episodes when the characters themselves decide to don their directing caps. Whether Dennis, Mac, Charlie, Dee and Frank are shooting an insane political campaign promo, a terrorist threat video or a killer investment presentation, the number of lives that the one videotape in the group’s shared camera has lived is absurd, and it’s led to many of the best bits in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia history.

And, in a fresh outtake video from the classic It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season Eight episode “Frank’s Back in Business,” those chaotic Paddy’s Pub videotapes seem to be as much fun for the cast to film as they are for us to watch. McElhenney posted the nostalgic blooper to Twitter earlier this week as he and Charlie Day also demonstrate that making a disastrous, low-budget pitch video for a noxious concoction of crow eggs, vodka and milk is harder than it looks.

As it turns out, accidentally breaking character while playing a bad actor is harder than purposefully blowing a cue, and Mac and Charlies seemingly disjointed performance in the pitch video that they hoped would secure VC funding from a flabbergasted group of businessmen was more choreographed than we thought. Sadly, everyone but Frank balked on the opportunity to get on the ground floor of Fight Milk, but the literally poisonous, liberally alcoholic protein drink still found its niche helping MMA fighters puke their guts out before weigh in.

One of McElhenneys followers had an interesting proposition for all such hastily recorded VHS tapes throughout It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia history, suggesting, “I think you should release a physical VHS tape with all the scenes the gang has recorded of themselves. I dont have a VHS player, but Id buy one.”

So do.


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