You’re Killing Me Smalls! ‘Sandlot’ Actor Tom Guiry Arrested for Tossing 35-Pound Dumbbell at a Car

The star of the 1993 classic sports comedy faces multiple charges over a bizarre incident in Horry County, North Carolina
You’re Killing Me Smalls! ‘Sandlot’ Actor Tom Guiry Arrested for Tossing 35-Pound Dumbbell at a Car

That’s not how you become the King of Crash!

Thirty-one years after he starred in the beloved baseball movie The Sandlot, Tom Guiry, who played the main character Scotty Smalls, now faces charges of assault and battery third-degree and malicious injury to personal property after allegedly smashing the windshield of a Jeep with a 35-pound dumbbell. On June 2nd, police officers in Horry County, South Carolina responded to a disturbance call and found Guiry sitting in the middle of a roadway near the trashed Jeep with the victim shouting at Guiry, “My window’s been shattered.”

In Guiry’s defense, usually when he steps over the line like that, the only punishment he receives is getting chased by a monster dog or hearing a classic baseball story from James Earl Jones.

Now, on a less flippant note, the circumstances surrounding Guirys arrest are strange enough to warrant some concern. Police say that, when they found the actor sitting in the street next to the trashed Jeep and its irate owner, he asked the officers about the well-being of his wife. He even appeared to apologize to the victim of his 35-pound fastball, telling the Jeep driver of the wrecked windshield, “That sucks, man, Ill pay you back. Im sorry, Im gonna get you back.”

The Jeep owner further claims that, after Guiry attacked his car, the actor approached his home while holding a knife and rang the doorbell. After the police booked Guiry at the J Reuben Long Detention Center, they charged him, and, the next day, released him from their custody.

Hopefully Guirys alleged attack on a random Jeep isnt a sign of something darker brewing in the actors personal life, but until more details come to light, theres nothing to do besides continue to quote The Sandlot

After all, we have no way of knowing whether or not the Jeep had it coming — maybe it called him a L7 Weenie.


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