The ‘Simpsons’ Family Mourns Marge’s Latin American Voice Actress

Nancy MacKenzie originated the role of Marge for Spanish-speaking peoples across Central and South America
The ‘Simpsons’ Family Mourns Marge’s Latin American Voice Actress

Nancy MacKenzie, the Peruvian-born voice actress best known for playing Marge Simpson in the popular Latin American dub of The Simpsons, passed away on Tuesday, as confirmed by her co-stars and many members of the Simpsons community. MacKenzie was 81.

MacKenzie originated the role of Marge in the very first translated Simpsons broadcasts for Mexican audiences back in 1990, and she continued to play the part of the blue-beehive-bearing matriarch throughout the first 15 seasons of the series. With MacKenzie on the microphone, The Simpsons became the most popular imported TV show of all time in Mexico, and the dub quickly spread across Central and South America, creating a massive international fanbase for the United States’ first family of animation. Today, The Simpsons is still one of the most popular animated shows in all Latin American television markets, and MacKenzie is mourned by her fans and her colleagues alike.

Patricia Acevedo, who plays Lisa in the Latin American Simpsons dub, announced her former cartoon mother’s passing on Instagram, writing, “It is with deep sadness, the Simpson kids (Lisa and Bart), announce the passing of our beloved mom, Marge Simpson (Nancy MacKenzie),” adding of her co-star, “Rest in peace. You will never be forgotten.”

Mexican voice acting icon and Latin America’s Homer Simpson, Humberto Vélez, added his own Instagram tribute to the late MacKenzie, writing, “Many hours together, working, traveling. A lifetime. It hurts me so much that you are gone, but I celebrate your way of joy, of being free, of living life to the fullest. You were, are and will be a fundamental part of the most important labor project of my work. You are many things. You are my wife Marge.”

Spanish-speaking Simpsons fans from across the internet have similarly mourned the greatest cartoon mother on Latin American television, with one cracking, “No one would ever ‘mmm’ like she did. The Central and South American Simpsons fandoms have been submitting their clips for MacKenzies all-time greatest moments as Marge — and heres just a small taste of how theyre celebrating the late, great artist…


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