There’s a Mr. Bean-Themed Bar in Vietnam That Everyone Hates

Shockingly, the ‘Mr. Bean Bar’ may not be so great
There’s a Mr. Bean-Themed Bar in Vietnam That Everyone Hates

Bars themed around pop-culture franchises aren’t all that unusual. After all, there are watering holes devoted to Star WarsTwin Peaks and even one inspired by Home Alone, which presumably only serves drinks to unaccompanied 8-year-olds.

But perhaps the most bizarre example of this phenomenon can be found in the Old Town district of Hội An, Vietnam, where some disturbed individual has created a bar devoted entirely to Mr. Bean. They were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should

Yes, The “Mr. Bean Bar” is full of pictures of Rowan Atkinson’s bumbling character, contains a TV that exclusively shows episodes of the Mr. Bean series and sells Mr. Bean-themed cocktails that somehow aren’t made of gin and raw turkey juices. 

There’s also a DJ booth, which would probably look a lot cooler if it didn’t feature a giant cut out of Atkinson’s face, and wasn’t situated in front of a large photo of Kenny G, who, last time we checked, wasn’t in a single episode of Mr. Bean

Seriously, what is Kenny G doing in this Mr. Bean-themed bar? 

While I haven’t made the trek to the Mr. Bean Bar (yet), and therefore can’t speak to the quality of its offerings, the online reviews haven’t been kind. As the U.K.’s Daily Star reported earlier this year, a lot of Brits have visited the bar (presumably out of respect for their country’s greatest cultural ambassador) and come away unhappy. 

A number of them complained that the drinks were “disgusting,” “overpriced” and barely contained even a “splash” of alcohol. One reviewer called it the “worst bar ever" and claimed that it is “relying on drunk 18yr olds to not notice that their cocktails are juice,” adding: “Honestly avoid this place at all costs.” Others grumbled that the “expensive and poor quality food” was not cooked on premises, making for a “very disappointing and way overpriced” outing.

In all fairness to the Mr. Bean Bar, what do you expect from a business named after a guy who can’t visit a swimming pool without disaster striking? If you want edible food and cocktails that don’t taste like urine, find a bar named after some competent fictional character!

One reviewer stated that “the Mr. Bean novelty is fun and enchanting while you’re there, but not enough to cause me to visit again,” which may be the first time in history that Mr. Bean has been described as “enchanting.”

More seriously, Tripadvisor contains several reviews from customers alleging that they were served drugged drinks at the bar, and harassed by the staff. 

Yes, this business may have actually sullied the Mr. Bean name even more than Rowan Atkinson already has.

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