‘South Park: The End of Obesity’ Features Kenny's Best Death in Years

Major spoilers ahead for ‘South Park’ fans who haven’t yet enjoyed Kenny’s latest and greatest demise
‘South Park: The End of Obesity’ Features Kenny's Best Death in Years

Tony the Tiger killed Kenny — but not through obesity and/or diabetes like his usual casualties.

On Friday, the brand new Paramount+ South Park special South Park: The End of Obesity put a spotlight on the business interests involved in America’s obesity epidemic. From the causes to the treatments, the corporations responsible for keeping American kids fat and complicating the American health-care system all took some hefty blows from Trey Parker and Matt Stone, though a few of those aggrieved companies were able to get in their own kill-shots.

In South Park: The End of Obesity, every major cereal mascot joins forces to go on a killing spree and shut down bootleg Ozempic production in order to maintain America’s addiction to sugar. Their casualties include an entire semaglutide factory in India and, of course, South Park’s most murdered fourth grader, poor Kenny McCormick, who gets thrown out of a speeding truck by the aforementioned feline foe and splattered across a MILF’s windshield during a Mad Max-esque chase scene. 

Of all the last moments Kenny’s had in recent years, these ones wherein he died hurtling toward a hot mom’s exposed midriff have to be some of the least horrible.

The last time Kenny met an untimely end in the main South Park series was all the way back in the Season 22 episode “Bike Parade” when Jeff Bezos had Alexa assassinate him after the impoverished child drops out of the titular bike parade, inadvertently throwing a wrench in the Amazon boss’ master plans. Though the past four seasons of regular South Park episodes haven’t featured a single Kenny death scene, his demise has been a staple of the streaming specials in the current, confusing South Park contract.

In The Pandemic Special, Sergeant Harrison Yates gunned down Kenny unceremoniously as he was fleeing the police. In both South Park COVID specials, Kenny’s future, off-screen death was a pivotal plot point as his old friends sought to uncover the secrets he had discovered. And in South Park: Joining the Panderverse, the pander-version of Cartman crushed her Kenny to death during her return to her home dimension.

Kenny’s murder in South Park: The End of Obesity is easily the best of the bunch, and, since the main-line South Park series has seemingly abandoned the attempt to fit his many deaths into the shortened, six-episode seasons, this is probably the punchiest Kenny death we’ll see for a long while.

Much like Tony the Tiger fought to stop South Park from kicking its sugary cereal addiction, I would ask Parker and Stone not to give up their habit of writing hilarious death scenes for Kenny — after all, they're grrrrreat!


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