13 Quotes That Go Hard From Unexpected Sources

Look, Shakespeare would have been on Twitter too
13 Quotes That Go Hard From Unexpected Sources

Theres no question that quotations from highly regarded sources like Shakespeare or award-winning literature get a boost in their perceived value. But you cant say that a pearl of wisdom never washes out from the cesspool that is the website now known as X, or an equivalent. Combine that with the internets slipshod approach to proper sourcing, and we end up with quotes that have long been disconnected from their origin and are inaccurately assumed to have come from some sort of highly touted tome — even if their origin might have been a horny tumblr account. 

X/Twitter user Imogen West-Knights rallied the community to collect some of the best, and the resulting wisdom was indeed well worth collecting.

Here are some of the highlights and their surprisingly salt-of-the-earth sources…

Sheldon Sings A Song So Sweet

The Delicious Dichotomy of the Oreo

God Saw Minion Memes and Summoned A Flood

Bootleg Linux Adds God to Its Kill List

Through Twilight Thirst, Wisdom

Fungi Fear Not Human Ideas of Death

A Retort That Deserves to Be Delivered From A Throne

Well, Now I Want to Read That Essay

We All Live on One Great Ball, After All

Who Is He to Throw Rocks From His Stained-Glass House?

Church Monster Show With A Bible-Worthy Quote

To Deny Goat Photos Is to Turn Your Head From the Angels’ Light

And Of Course, Spy Kids

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