Jon Stewart Wonders Why Everyone’s Coming for Jerry Seinfeld — Here’s Why

Gee, what could Jerry have done to deserve mockery?
Jon Stewart Wonders Why Everyone’s Coming for Jerry Seinfeld — Here’s Why

During Jon Stewart’s weekly drop-in to The Daily Show, he touched on all this week’s usual suspects: The tragic death of the President of Iran, international criticism of Netanyahu, the topsy-turvy testimony of Michael Cohen. Those were just appetizers, however — the main course was conservative reaction to liberal reaction to Kansas City Chief Harrison Butker’s commencement speech. Take it easy, Stewart implored all those Fox News pundits. Butker got off easy. The guy who has really gotten raked over the coals? Poor Jerry Seinfeld.

“Look, Jerry Seinfeld took more shit over the past two weeks promoting a Pop-Tart movie than Harrison Butker did for his entire speech. And I ask you people, what is the deal with that?” asked Stewart, somehow resisting the urge to deliver the line in Seinfeld’s nasal, jokey cadence. 

It sounds like the set-up for another joke, but Stewart assures us it’s not. “I legitimately would like to know why he's taking so much shit about everything from everybody,” he repeated. “And who are these people?” OK, OK, Stewart can only hold out so long, giving viewers one final “Who are these people?” in Seinfeld-voice. 

Really, Stewart? You legitimately want to know why Seinfeld has taken so much shit? Here’s a hint: It wasn’t for promoting Unfrosteddespite its 44 percent critics’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes. No one is complaining that Seinfeld overdid it on the promotional tour, stopping by every third-tier talk show and niche podcast that would have him. No one except Seinfeld, who showed up on Saturday Night Live to admit he had gone overboard with the PR blitz. 

The real reason(s) Seinfeld got so much shit? It was all the unprompted, un-Pop-Tart-related culture bombs that the comic detonated during his many, many media appearances. Here’s a final compilation for those of you keeping score at home:

You know, those reasons. And who are these people telling anti-woke comics like Seinfeld to just “shut the fuck up”? 

Oh yeah — that was Jon Stewart.


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