Johnny Knoxville’s Kids Won’t Let Him Do All the New ‘Jackass’ Stunts He’s Been Dreaming Up

Knoxville isn’t sure if he’ll make another ‘Jackass’ movie now that he has to keep his head down
Johnny Knoxville’s Kids Won’t Let Him Do All the New ‘Jackass’ Stunts He’s Been Dreaming Up

53-year-old Johnny Knoxville is still regularly coming up with new stunts that would be perfect for a theoretical future Jackass project, but his own family has barred him from ever performing them. Considering the crotch punishment that Knoxville has self-inflicted over the years, he should count his blessings that he even has that family.

In the most recent (and possibly final) Jackass movie, the 2022 hit Jackass Forever, Knoxville suffered a brain hemorrhage during the skit “The Magic Trick” that helped land him the dubious honor of a cover story for the magazine The Traumatic Brain Injury Times. In the sketch, Knoxville tried and failed to entertain an angry rodeo bull using simple illusions before the beast charged him, flipped him multiple feet into the air and caused him to land squarely on his head. “I guess that bull didn’t like magic,” Knoxville would later quip in one of signature understatements. 

Now, after sixteen concussions and countless other injuries that would end most ordinary men’s stunt aspirations, Knoxville still has room in his damaged brain for coming up with new Jackass skits – but, as he explained during his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, his kids have other plans. Said Knoxville, “I made a promise to my kids that I wouldn’t do any more stunts where I’m going to get another concussion. I’ve had too many concussions.” However, they didn’t say anything about testicle torture.

Fallon asked Knoxville a burning question that’s been on every Jackass fan’s mind after a couple years with no new content – “Will you ever do another Jackass movie?”

“I still write ideas for it, just because I have a lot of time on my hands,” Knoxville joked, though he warned, “I don’t know if we’ll ever do another one. It’s kind of, you get the feeling, and then, ‘Let’s do another!’, but I don’t know." Now that all of the remaining OG Jackass are at least middle-aged, it’s understandable why the friends that have accrued eight figures in medical bills over the course of their hundreds of dangerous and damaging stunts are less eager to get back in the cannon.

Though Knoxville isn’t exactly known for performing stunts that don’t carry even a mild concussion risk, his kids did leave him a loophole that could allow him to return to Jackass. “I don’t care if I, like, break my arm or wrist or anything, but I can’t have any more concussions,” he told Fallon, “But everything else I’m up for.”

As disappointing as the Knoxville family’s devotion to safety may be to some Jackass fans, we just have to respect that they’re only trying to keep Butterbean safe. 


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