‘Dumb’ Comedian Ike Barinholtz Takes Out Actual Brainiacs in ‘Jeopardy’ Tournament

Down go the geniuses!
‘Dumb’ Comedian Ike Barinholtz Takes Out Actual Brainiacs in ‘Jeopardy’ Tournament

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The stereotype of comedians — or most entertainers, for that matter — is that they’re a bunch of dumbasses compared to the geniuses usually competing in the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions. Sure, comedians generally smash other entertainers on Celebrity Jeopardy, but you don’t have to do anything to qualify for that competition except “be famous.” It’s like winning the 40-yard dash at the family reunion — congratulations on beating Uncle Glenn but it’s not exactly the Olympics.

For some reason, this year’s Tournament producers decided to make an exception and allow the Celebrity Jeopardy champ to compete with the varsity. That meant Barinholtz was in great position to get his ass kicked by real Jeopardy warriors like Professor Melissa Klapper, winner of three straight games against the authentic brainiacs, and Ray Lalonde, who won thirteen. There wasn’t a Wil Wheaton to be found as Barinholtz took the podium for the competition. 

But a funny thing happened on the way to Barinholtz’s drubbing — it didn’t happen. The comic hung in there from the start, nailing a Daily Double about film director Federico Fellini’s 8 ½ to stay within shouting distance of the lead. Barinholtz still found himself down going into Final Jeopardy, his $14,800 well behind Klapper’s $21,400 and just ahead of Lalonde’s $13,800. Somehow, the professor missed the final answer while dumbass comic Barinholtz nailed it, betting enough to land at $28,601 and win the match. 

Jeopardy fans couldn’t believe what they just saw.

Even Barinholtz’s fans are likely surprised. As he says in his Instagram Reel, “A lot of people were giving me well wishes, and a lot of them were tinged with the tone of, ‘I thought you were dumb,’ and I am, full disclosure.” 

Now it’s on to the semi-finals for “dumb” Barinholtz. It might be worth watching just to watch the Mensa crowd get their butts kicked by the guy from Cockblockers.


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