Bill Cosby Is Afraid Someone Will Murder Him ‘For Fame’

A representative of the disgraced comedian claims that Cosby ‘fears for his life’ as he refuses to leave his mansion
Bill Cosby Is Afraid Someone Will Murder Him ‘For Fame’

Legendary comedian and once-convicted rapist Bill Cosby reportedly lives in fear that a deranged stranger will attack him to achieve notoriety, with a representative claiming that Cosby and his wife feel that they are “prisoners in their own home.” If he likes, Cosby could leave his mansion and have free, around-the-clock protection by going back to prison.

Back in June, 2021, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned Cosby’s much-publicized conviction of three counts of aggravated indecent assault following decades of accusations and civil suits that failed to tarnish the reputation of the “serial rapist,” as one such case against Cosby described the comedy great. The decision to throw out Cosby’s conviction cited a 2005 press release by then-District Attorney Bruce Castor regarding Cosby’s alleged crimes, when Castor claimed that a conviction was “unattainable" as he declined to press criminal charges. Castor later said that he dropped the charges to compel Cosby to testify in a civil suit regarding the same accusations.

Today, Cosby is a free man — though he reportedly doesn’t feel like one. In a statement sent to RadarOnline, Cosby’s representative Andrew Wyatt said that Cosby “fears for his life,” refusing to leave the house based on his suspicion that someone will attempt to assassinate him in order to become famous. I guess house arrest is better than no arrest.

Wyatt claimed that Cosby “was frail after his release” in 2021, but he quickly bounced back from his brief brush with justice. Wyatt says that, once Cosby was home with his wife Camille, he gained “12 pounds in 12 days,” adding, “She takes care of Mr. Cosby.” Wyatt says Camille is “trying to keep his health” in check, but, despite supposedly being fully blind at 86 years old, Cosby is in “pretty good health.”

However, that doesn’t mean Cosby is not still haunted by the long-brewing scandal that finally started to boiled over when Hannibal Buress urged his Philadelphia audience to Google “Bill Cosby rape” in 2014. On Cosby’s continued unpopularity, Wyatt said that Camille “shields him away" from negative public sentiment, claiming that they don’t even watch the nightly news anymore since it may spike his already high blood pressure.

Wyatt even suggested that, in addition to attention-seekers looking to kill Cosby “for fame,” a member of one of Cosby’s 60-plus alleged victims’ families could come after the couple, saying of his client, “He knows what kind of world they live in. … Who knows what they’d do to him, his wife, daughters, or grandchildren.”

On this very valid point, Cosby is, frankly, downplaying his credibility — he knows full well what awful things can be done to the world’s wives and daughters.


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