20 Favorite Movies That Are Red Flags

If ‘Donnie Darko’ is your favorite movie… don’t read this
20 Favorite Movies That Are Red Flags

We all have our red flags — maybe you refuse to associate with anyone who admits to enjoying Limp Bizkit, while your big brother doesn’t mind but will escort you from the premises if you ask who Fleetwood Mac is. Then there are more universal warning signs that someone is bad news: They wear their shoes at home, listen to music in crowded public spaces without headphones, or say “I guess it’s free!” when the cashier has trouble ringing them up.

A favorite movie can fall into either category. It might be an okay movie but is linked strongly in your mind with someone you can’t stand, or it’s a movie so noxious that their fans are just known to be douchebags. So when u/Not_Prepared_ asked r/AskReddit, “Which favorite movie is a red flag?” Reddit treated us to a crash course in cinematic optics.

A Clockwork Orange

Donnie Darko

The Crow


Schindler’s List

Into the Wild

The Human Centipede

My Little Pony: The Movie

The Wolf of Wall Street

The Notebook

Suicide Squad

Fight Club

American Psycho

Sausage Party

Bee Movie

Step Brothers

Eat Pray Love



The Transformers: The Movie

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