‘Rick and Morty’ Fans Debate Abradolf Lincler’s ‘Testicle Situation’

What’s the clone of Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler packing in his genetically conflicted jockstrap?
‘Rick and Morty’ Fans Debate Abradolf Lincler’s ‘Testicle Situation’

Abradolf Lincler wants to emancipate all his enemies from their inferior genes, but what exactly is going on with his own genetic depot?

The urban legend that Adolf Hitler’s genocidal junk hung one nut short of a sackful is so widespread that it even has its own Wikipedia page, which is a fun place to learn the word “monorchism.” Though the scientific community hasn’t yet reached a consensus on the führer’s crown jewels, there is enough evidence in the historical record, including paperwork from Hitler’s early prison stint and his alleged autopsy by the Soviet Union, for fans of the theory to continue our wild speculation about the far-right dictator’s right nut and its alleged absence from his anti-Semitic scrote. 

As such, when Rick and Morty introduced a genetically engineered clone combined from the DNA of Hitler and the Great Emancipator Abraham Lincoln in the Season One finale “Ricksy Business,” the show opened the door for fantastic fan discussion like the one that recently raged in the Rick and Morty subreddit when user Cinephiliac_Anon asked the community, “What is Abradolf Lincler's testicle situation?

During his single-episode appearance on Rick and Morty, Abradolf Lincler was played by voice acting legend Maurice LaMarche, whose many credits include Brain in Pinky and the Brain, and, interestingly enough, both Abraham Lincoln’s head and Adolf Hitler in separate episodes of Futurama — along with about a hundred other Futurama roles. Either way, we’ll leave LaMarche and his loins out of this debate.

Now, from a pseudo-scientific perspective, the real Hitler’s lone nut wouldn’t be something that his DNA would pass on — according to the stories, Hitler lost one of his twins when he was shot during a battle in World War I. So, since he was presumably born with both bollocks, Hitler’s clones would keep their cojones whole.

Of course, that’s the boring explanation for Lincler’s balls, and the fans in the Rick and Morty subreddit quickly piled on with their preferred evaluation of his egg sack. “The left hangs lower than the Reich,” the top commenter joked. Another suggested, “He’s got one testicle but it was shot during a play.”

Since Abradolf Lincler has only been in as many Rick and Morty episodes as Hitler (allegedly) had testicles, it seems unlikely that Harmon or his writers ever thought to give his balls their own backstory. But given the post-credit scene of “Ricksy Business,” which shows him plotting revenge against Rick before being passed around by the testicle monsters, his gonads arent gone for good.


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