David Letterman Defends Taylor Swift and Her NFL Boyfriend ‘Kelsey Grammer’

Letterman pled for unity between fans of Swift and those of her Super Bowl-bound, sherry-sipping boyfriend
David Letterman Defends Taylor Swift and Her NFL Boyfriend ‘Kelsey Grammer’

David Letterman wants there to be peace between the two massive fan groups involved in American entertainment’s most formidable power couple — after all, no one wins in a war between the Swifties and the Frasierphiles

This past Sunday afternoon, the Kansas City Chiefs punched their ticket to Super Bowl LVIII in front of a stunned Baltimore crowd as they bested the Ravens 17-10. However, there was at least one fan in the upper level who was happy to watch Patrick Mahomes and his squad walk away with their fourth AFC Championship win — pop superstar Taylor Swift, who has a romantic interest in the Chiefs’ success and has been the star of their broadcasts for the better part of this past NFL season, was elated to watch her favorite team win a trip to Las Vegas and celebrated on the field with the reigning AFC champs.

But what should have been a triumphant moment for Swift, her fanbase and the greater football community (minus the Ravens fans) has, sadly, inspired an all-too-common wave of negativity across the internet as irritated football fans and protective Swift stans spar over the star’s screen time during the broadcast. Following the Chiefs’ win, legendary late-night host Letterman took to social media to defend Swift, whom he called a “glowing bright light of goodness in the world,” as he demanded that her fans as well as football followers unite in their support of her relationship with “Kelsey Grammer.” Someone must have scrambled his egg.

Standing at just 6-foot-1, Grammer seems like an unusual candidate for the title of “Greatest Tight End in NFL History,” but his numbers speak for themselves — between his gigs playing a radio host and a psychiatrist, Grammers put up nine straight Pro Bowl appearances and hauled in an NFL record 156 postseason receptions with a chance to add to that number in front of his gal pal at next months Super Bowl.

Hopefully, the respective fanbases will heed Lettermans calls for cohesion and support TaySey when they step into the biggest spotlight in American media. Chiefs fans should celebrate the extra attention their team is getting from an otherwise uninterested audience, and Swifties should trust their mother to choose the right partner for herself. We hear hes a good listener.


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