A Sneak Peek at the 10 Best Lines From Guy Ritchie’s New Nazi-Busting Movie

A Sneak Peek at the 10 Best Lines From Guy Ritchie’s New Nazi-Busting Movie

I would be lying if I said I wasnt excited for the new Guy Ritchie Nazi-punching feature, The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare. Even with his missteps, Im still a sucker for his movies, and I generally enjoy seeing a bunch of old-school, Hugo-Bossed Nazis getting mowed down en masse. Wolfenstein movie when? 

I apologize for my endorsement of political violence, but I feel in this case, its warranted. One of Ritchies trademarks is his particular brand of uber-British dialogue, and Im sure it will be in no short supply, spewing from Henry Cavills muscular mouth.

What are the best lines well be treated to when this new movie drops? Well, without corporate espionage, theres no way to know, but I can make wild and unfounded predictions. So here are 10 of those…

‘Stop messing about with the Jews, you muppets’

A classic takedown as only the British can deliver, aimed directly at some of history’s biggest assholes, the Nazis.

‘This Hitler chap will look like spag bol when I’m through with him’

Spoken probably by Cavill, or possibly the hyperviolent and muscular hand-to-hand combat specialist thats usually in these sorts of movies, its a direct threat to injure and/or kill Hitler. Spag bol being Britains absolutely inexplicable and thoroughly unpleasant abbreviation for spaghetti bolognese.

(Secretly observing Hitler) ‘What a knob’

This is a good way to establish the antagonist (Hitler) as bad early on. A knob being a derogatory British word for a penis.

‘Well, that’s that, Hitler’s dead. Get Churchill on the old dog-and-bone, would you?’

Cockney slang, a classic part of Ritchies writing, uses rhyming words as slang. “Dog-and-bone” being slang for “phone,” which theyre asking for after, here, killing Hitler. Of course, in real life, he killed himself in a bunker, but it would be cooler if Cavill punched his head off into a trash can.

‘Those Nazis… Right horrible c*nts, the lot of them’

British people love the c-word, for whatever reason. But at the same time, saying “fanny” is highly offensive. What a weird country.

(Throwing a grenade) ‘The queen sends her regards’

I would place a not-insignificant sum of pounds sterling on this being said at least once during the movie. Maybe they say it out loud, maybe they write it on a bomb or grenade. Seriously, I feel like we’ve got over a 90 percent chance of this one, or whatever 90 percent is in their precious metric system.

‘So that’s the plan, blokes. End the Nazi regime, back by afternoon tea’

Comedic understatement and tea? Now thats a classic British pairing, baby!

(Knocking out a Nazi) ‘Put him in the boot!’’

A boot is the trunk of a car in England. It’s also a tall type of shoe that Nazis love. That must have been confusing during the war, to be honest.

(Seeing Hofbrauhaus) ‘My god, it’s some sort of… pub for Nazis’

The famous Hofbrauhaus is an iconic beer hall in Germany. It has very good beer and is where Hitler gave his first speech to the Nazi party. It would be a fun historical nod! Pub means bar.

Calling Them ‘Zee Germans’

Okay, this is a real one, and I’d be a little disappointed if Ritchie missed out on a reference to the famous line from probably his most famous movie, Snatch.


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