22 of the Hottest Performances in Movie History

George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez had real sex appeal in ‘Out of Sight’
22 of the Hottest Performances in Movie History

It’s sort of a given, especially these days, that if you’re in a movie, you’re probably hot. If you’re hot enough, you’ll eventually get talked into a movie with skimpy costuming, earning you certified sex-symbol status. But some of the sexiest performances come down to things that can’t be revealed by stripping.

Specifically, Redditor Particular-Camera612 recently described to r/Movies, it can be “a low vocal tone, smooth and sensual body language, playing a character that’s inherently seductive either obviously or subtly,” or any number of things that don’t necessarily relate to the actions in the script but how they’re played. They then asked for “performances in films that most brimmed with sensuality and sex appeal?” and Reddit already had its pants down in nostalgia.

The Girl Next Door

Mr. & Mrs. Smith


Thor: Ragnarok

The Mask of Zorro

Out of Sight

Bull Durham

The Indiana Jones Franchise

The Addams Family

Pride & Prejudice

The Lost Boys

Weird Science


True Lies



The Last Samurai

The Talented Mr. Ripley


Jurassic Park

The Wolf of Wall Street

Casino Royale


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