Dale Gribble Helps ‘King of the Hill’ Fan Realize He’s Being Cuckolded

A fan admits that he couldn’t put the pieces of his partner’s affair together until he saw Dale fail to do the same
Dale Gribble Helps ‘King of the Hill’ Fan Realize He’s Being Cuckolded

Anyone who has ever been the victim of infidelity will tell you that the revelation is never easy — but it’s a hell of a lot easier than raising John Redcorn’s kid.

For a man who prides himself on seeing through the lies of the government and the mainstream media, Arlen, Texas’ least reliable exterminator and amateur bounty hunter Dale Gribble had a sizable blind spot for his personal life. Dale doesn’t blink when his wife Nancy, the stunning, stylish news anchor and former “Miss Arlen” beauty queen, disappears for hours at a time with her “Licensed New Age Healer.” Dale just chalks it up to the headaches. But when his and Nancy’s only son came out with dark hair, dark skin and a stunning resemblance to a certain family friend, Dale did start to suspect something was amiss and that he was not responsible for Joseph’s siring — no, that must have been the aliens.

John Redcorn’s cuckoldry of Dale is Arlen’s longest-running dirty little secret, and the reason the joke works so well is that King of the Hill fans couldn’t ever imagine themselves being so oblivious as to miss the obvious warning signs of infidelity — well, most of them, anyways. In a recent post in the King of the Hill subreddit, one fan admitted that he needed a little help putting the pieces together when his live-in girlfriend started having an affair. In the thread, MattyBParker revealed, “King of the Hill helped me realize I was being cheated on.”

“A few years ago me and my (now ex) girlfriend started going to bed to King of the Hill. Around this time we had a friend staying with us fairly often, without going into details I started to suspect she was cheating on me,” MattyBParker began. “For about a week I was considering confronting her, but I didn’t have any concrete evidence and thought I was maybe just overthinking. One day I asked the universe for a sign.”

He continued, “That night we were going to bed watching King of the Hill, she was asleep, but I couldn’t due to racing thoughts. The episode that was on was ‘Peggy’s Headache’ where she finds out Nancy is cheating on Dale and Dale is absolutely oblivious.” MattyBParker felt an uncomfortable kinship with the conspiratorial cuckold, and as he slowly realized an affair was staring him in the face like a son whose about 80 shades more tan than both his parents, he decided to do something about it. “After the episode finished I decided to confront her in the morning and she admitted to it.”

Of course, the commenters had plenty of questions about the situation, with the most obvious one being whether the houseguest was the other man in the equation — the answer obviously being yes. Apparently, this new age healer made house calls.

“I’m in a much better place now with someone who loves and cares for me as much as I do for them,” MattyBParker assured concerned commenters. 

I wish him and his mower nothing but the best.

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