7 Times Aquaman Was the Butt of the Joke — And That’s Not Counting ‘Lost Kingdom’ Reviews

7 Times Aquaman Was the Butt of the Joke — And That’s Not Counting ‘Lost Kingdom’ Reviews

Poor Aquaman. Even after his film debut starring Jason Momoa earned more than a billion dollars, the guy still can’t get any respect. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is turning into a punching bag for pun-happy critics. Here’s a sample round-up from Rotten Tomatoes

  • “Waterlogged with boring villains and underwhelming visuals. (Chicago Sun-Times)
  • “The sooner Aquaman and his tiresome fish-man pals drink up their product-placed pints of Guinness and vacate the premises the better.” (film-authority.com)
  • “The DCEU goes out with a squelch rather than a splash. Fin.” (Empire)

But forget Lost Kingdom — long before the sequel took it on the chin, Aquaman has been the go-to punchline for gags about inadequate superheroes. Here are 7 times the King of Atlantis was the butt of the joke.

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Robot Chicken

The animated action-figure show regularly poked the Aqua-loser, demonstrating that “swimming” and “talking to fish” weren’t that useful in super battles.

Family Guy

Family Guy suggested that fish telepathy might be good for one thing: Ordering a Dewar’s and soda, hold the salt water. 

Pete Holmes

The Crashing comic appears as Batman, giving Aquaman the boot from the Justice League. What’s the problem? “You’re useful as long as we happen to be fighting General Zod next to a lake, or in Miami, or a lazy river in a water park.”

South Park

South Park’s slanderous take on Aquaman is the rudely named Seaman. In case you didn’t get the joke, his faithful sidekick is dubbed Swallow.

Big Bang Theory

The gang is dressing up as superheroes for Halloween. Bet you can guess the hero that no one wants to be. It all leads to a laundry list of the ways in which Aquaman sucks.

UCB Comedy

Sure, UCB is beating the same old “he has lame powers!” drum, but a drunk-ass Sea King is a fun twist on the Aquaman disrespect. Plus, he gets to roast the other heroes for a change. “Hey, Plastic Man, what are you doing this weekend? Gonna be a condom?”


How does new DC movie lord James Gunn feel about Aquaman? Not only do we know he’s not greenlighting another sequel, but in Peacemaker, he told the hero to “Go fuck another fish, asshole.”

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