The 23 Funniest Comedy Sketches of 2023

The year’s finest and funniest from ‘SNL,’ ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’ and ‘I Think You Should Leave’
The 23 Funniest Comedy Sketches of 2023

Unlike the ‘90s glory days of television sketch comedy, there are relatively few outlets for sketch on American TV these days. In 2023, we mostly just had the since-canceled Black Lady Sketch Show, Tim Robinson’s triumphant I Think You Should Leave, and of course, Saturday Night Live. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t killer comedy sketches this year. Here are the 23 funniest sketches of 2023… 

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Straight Male Friend

What do you do with a comedy problem like Travis Kelce — killer smile, affable, but not exactly a seasoned comic? Pair him with Bowen Yang and all he has to do is grunt a “wassup.” Want to get some wings?

Cologuard Commercial

Admit it — the talking box that wants you to poop in it is a little disconcerting, right? Is it actually something sinister? Or could it be just something Woody’s smoking?

Jingle Pitch

Some serious Tim Robinson vibes in this SNL sketch featuring Andrew Dismukes and James Austin Johnson as clueless songwriters. A ridiculous earworm.

What Up I’m 3-K

A Black Lady Sketch Show dives deep into the competitive world of elite preschools. Watch out for Annie — she’s big for her age.

Spanish Class

The Ana de Armas hosting stint on SNL wasn’t a killer, but Mikey Day crushed it as a so-so Spanish teacher tasked with instructing native speakers. Aye aye aye!

Traffic Altercation

Props to SNL for this clever traffic sketch, an angry confrontation on the freeway that somehow turns into an elaborate game of charades.

Waking Up

As you’ll see below, Pedro Pascal was the sketch MVP of 2023. Here, he demonstrates the L.A. mushmouth effects of waking from a coma.

Darmine Doggy Door

Guaranteed to keep out pigs wearing Richard Nixon masks: “I'm not a stupid idiot, I know it was just a pig, but for 50 seconds it felt really real.”

Make Your Own Kind of Music

Put this one on Emma Stone’s Emmy nomination reel, taking out dead-ass zombies in slow motion to Mama Cass’s live performance.  

Netflix Promo: Jeannie Darcy

Darcy getting the Selective Outrage treatment? Don’t get me started, don’t even get me started. 


Why do I suspect that this is exactly how Aubrey Plaza would play Taboo in real life?

Little Orphan Cassidy

New featured player Chloe Troast formally announced her arrival in this sketch with moonman Timothée Chalamet. Sociopaths have rarely been this charming.


Honestly, the only reason I’d go on one of those reality dating shows would be if they had a zipline. 

American Girl Cafe

You thought Taylor Swift was the only blonde in Kelce’s life? Let me introduce you to Claire (and Isabelle), American Girl dolls who are the apples of his eye. 

Fancam Assembly

Pascal is back as your favorite teacher, Mr. Ben. It’s hard to tell what the skinny legend is more bewildered by — Gen Z slang or fancam montages.

I’m Just Pete

With the writers’ strike over, Davidson was finally able to make his hosting debut. (He was scheduled to front the show in the spring, but had to settle for the prime season opener spot.) His most successful bit? A Barbie mash-up that parodied the summer’s biggest hit while owning his paparazzi legend.

Battle of the Sexes

It’s probably a good idea that SNL doesn’t indulge Sarah Sherman’s body-horror instincts on every show as a little bit of gore goes a long way. But this time, the gross-out effects were comedy gold.

Mario Kart Trailer

It’s Pascal again, this time with a parody of his Last of Us blockbuster on HBO. We always suspected Mario lived in a post-apocalyptic dystopia and SNL simply confirmed it.

Eggman Game

Another winner from I Think You Should Leave, relatable to anyone who’s worked with a colleague wasting time on online games. Also relatable if you’re that guy. Also relatable if you think people should watch a little porn at work.

The Original Princes of Comedy

Please Don’t Destroy creates some of the most reliably funny sketches on SNL. Ever wonder how they got their start? Check out their Harlem roots.

Lisa from Temecula

Ego Nwodim has been a reliable player for years, but she’s never hit it out of the park like this. Pedro Pascal is still trying to stop giggling. 

Fully Naked in New York

Maybe I'm 9 years old, but there’s just something funny about naked people walking around where they shouldn’t be. Our new anthem.

Washington’s Dream

Could understated stand-up Nate Bargatze make the transition to full-blown sketch comedy? Um, yeah. Shades of early Bob Newhart as Bargatze reminds his soldiers what they’re fighting for — the right to choose their own system of weights and measures. This is a ridiculous country.

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