Roseanne Barr Says Bill Maher Forgot Their Playboy Mansion Fist-Fight Because of MK-Ultra’s Mind Control

Barr accused her long-time frienemy of being under the CIA’s mind control in a messy, meandering and incoherent interview
Roseanne Barr Says Bill Maher Forgot Their Playboy Mansion Fist-Fight Because of MK-Ultra’s Mind Control

The only surprising part of Roseanne Barr’s revelation that she and Bill Maher traded blows in a boozy brawl at the Playboy Mansion is the fact that Maher didn’t already know about MK Ultra.

That word-salad description of the conversation that transpired during the most recent episode of the Club Random Podcast is, astoundingly, slightly more coherent than the contents of the show itself. On paper, Barr and Maher don’t seem to have much in common, with Maher being the center-left establishment’s smarmiest fence-sitter and Barr finding herself one step to the right of most manifesto-writers on the political spectrum. However, over the 72 minutes of the boozy, smokey and entirely erratic meeting of the minds between the two titans of obnoxiously political comedy, one point (and exactly one point) was made crystal clear: Regardless of their vast differences in opinion, Maher and Barr share a deep, familial love for one another — and a hatred for all things woke.

However, despite the mutual respect and adoration Maher and Barr share, Barr’s appearance on Club Random was chaotically combative at times. Maher even called his guest a “socialist Nazi” at one point while Barr lobbed every overdone alt-right insult at her host as she littered words like “libtards” across the transcript. That conflict, apparently, is a throughline of their longtime friendship, as Barr claimed on the show that they once “got in a fistfight at the Playboy Mansion.” Maher completely forgot about the confrontation — probably because the CIA got to him, or so says Barr. They must have put something in those clove cigarettes that Maher pretends are joints.

“A fistfight at the Playboy Mansion? You’d think I would remember a thing like that,” Maher told Barr when she brought up their boozy brawl. One night, according to Barr, the two found themselves shitfaced at the Mansion’s aviary where many exotic animals are held, and the pair of domestic animals’ conversation spilled over into a physical confrontation. Barr recalled, “You called me something, and I called you something. … I socked you right in the jaw. And you hit me back. I always hit men first to see if you hit me back.” When Maher insisted that he had no memory of the scuffle, Barr wasn’t the least bit surprised, shooting back at him, “No shit, you blocked it out, MK Ultra.”

“Who’s that?” Maher astoundingly responded. Somehow, Maher was unfamiliar with the highly controversial and constantly conspiracy theorized CIA experiments from the Cold War, in which participants, knowing and unknowing, were subjected to high doses of LSD, electroshock therapy, hypnosis, sensory deprivation and all other kinds of sadistic treatment in order to develop a method of mind control that could prove useful to the intelligence organization. Despite the cruelty of the methodology, the experiments were unsuccessful — or so the CIA wants you to believe.

When Barr insisted that she genuinely believes Maher to be under the shadow government’s mind control, Maher asked her, “Is there a conspiracy theory you don’t believe?”

“I tell the truth! Everything I say, people like you is always laughing at me. And then, when it comes true, you never go, ‘Oh, I’m sorry I made fun of you Roseanne, you was right!’ How come you never say that Bill? I’m always right!” Barr exclaimed. “You’re gonna say I’m mentally ill, to which I say, I am! You have to listen to the mentally ill.”

There you have it. When searching for the truth, we should all look for answers from the mentally ill community, which, I can say from personal experience, now includes anyone who watched this episode of Club Random.

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