The Best Times Springfield Elementary Was the Worst School in the World

Fans pick their favorite ‘Simpsons’ moments that show how shoddy Springfield’s education system really is
The Best Times Springfield Elementary Was the Worst School in the World

Springfield Elementary School has a solid case for being the most ineffective educational institution in sitcom history — after all, how many other schools can say that their students take over 35 years to pass the fourth grade?

As a public school in an uninspiring district, Springfield Elementary is up against countless institutional problems that are outside the capabilities of their overworked, unenthused staff to address. The budget is constantly shrinking. The building is filled with asbestos. Sometimes, they have to share space with a prison. For all of Principal Seymour Skinner’s hard work and thankless dedication, his school is a ramshackle day care for delinquents and ne’er-do-wells whose mental and physical growth are stunted by the stultifying intellectual atmosphere and the Vitamin R-rich “malk.”

Over in the Simpsons subreddit, fans recently discussed which details of “The Most Dilapidated School in Missouri” (before it was moved to the state where The Simpsons is set) best exemplify why the school is so god-awful. Here are their top picks, starting with…

The Pointers Still Point

The Beef Hearts Go on the Floor

The Meat Even Gets An F

The Childrens Appearances

The Vegetarian Alternatives

The Misprinted Calendars

The Childrens Futures, Or Lack Thereof

The Bus Breaking Procedure


The Meat Content of Their Gym Mats

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