The Most Cartoonish Moments on ‘Seinfeld’

Fans choose which ‘Seinfeld’ scenes seemed like they were written for Saturday morning
The Most Cartoonish Moments on ‘Seinfeld’

I wouldn’t be so audacious as to say that Seinfeld was just Jerry’s way of getting a green light to make Bee Movie, but his cartoon proclivity had to start somewhere.

Seinfeld is undoubtedly the archetype for dry, sardonic and conversational sitcoms that prefer to mine humor from banality as opposed to the more bonkers plotlines of their peers. The core characters spend most of the series sitting down in diners and apartments sarcastically snarking back and forth about the doldrums of life in 1990s New York, subject matter that doesn’t typically lend itself to slapstick. Nevertheless, Seinfeld, Larry David and the rest of the writers pulled comedic inspiration from a diverse range of sources — occasionally then, a Looney Tunes-type gag made it into a script, typically for Kramer to carry out.

Over in the Seinfeld subreddit, fans recently discussed which Seinfeld scenes seemed to be straight out of an animated TV show about animals with inexplicable access to high explosives. Here are the most cartoonish moments in Seinfeld history as chosen by fans…

When Jerry Shaved His Chest and Became A Werewolf

When Noreen Was Saved By A Caped Litigator

When Newman Turned Into A Cannibal

When George Just Wanted A Twix

When Newmans Truck Caught on Fire

When Elaine Was A Literal Cartoonist

When Plaza Cable Chased Kramer Across New York

When Jerry Chased Newman Around the Building

When Elaine Thought She Had Rabies

When George Played Real-Life Frogger With the Frogger Machine

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