Give Thanks for the Best ‘SNL’ Thanksgiving Sketches Ever

‘Turkey for me, turkey for you, let’s eat turkey in a big brown shoe’
Give Thanks for the Best ‘SNL’ Thanksgiving Sketches Ever

Saturday Night Live usually makes a big merry deal about its Christmas show, often with a big-name host leading a last hurrah to the comedy year. And it’s easy to remember David S. Pumpkins and the scores of Halloween-themed shows over the years. A holiday that doesn’t seem to lend itself as well to comedy is Thanksgiving — how many stuffing jokes can you make, anyway? But the show has a surprisingly long list of Turkey Day sketches for which we can give thanks. We included a few in a recent story on Thanksgiving humor, but there’s plenty more (leftovers?) where that comes from. And so, feast on this cornucopia of SNL Thanksgiving sketches…

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Adam Sandler’s Thanksgiving Song

Sandler's Hanukkah Song gets more love, but don’t sleep on this ditty that features an assist from Weekend Update anchor Kevin Nealon

Target Ad

Target’s there for all of your holiday dinner needs — but it also has the stuff you desperately crave when hosting extended family: noise-cancelling headphones, pain reliever and copious amounts of cheap wine.

Bill Swerski’s Superfans: Thanksgiving

Bill’s brother Bob is almost guaranteed to have another heart attack after a fat-laden feast made for a superfan. The only thing that could make it better is a victory for Mike Ditka and Da Bears. Bonus: Check out baby Kieran Culkin!

Thanksgiving Miracle

Family members with conflicting political, cultural and religious beliefs are a recipe for holiday disaster. But holidays are also for miracles — and this one is courtesy of Adele

Back Home Ballers

We’re down for any holiday jam that features our Lil’ Baby Aidy. This song slaps, but it shifts into another gear when Leslie Jones tells you how pimp it is at her mom’s house. We’re talking BOWLS.

Debbie Downer Thanksgiving

The best Debbie Downers sketches are when she’s surrounded by people trying to have a good time. Whether it’s a trip to Disney World, a wedding reception or a simple gathering devoted to gratitude, Debbie knows how to harsh everyone’s buzz.

Thanksgiving Parade

Why do so many things that appeal to children — clowns, porcelain dolls, Teletubbies — also inspire our most terrifying nightmares? After this sketch, you can add Thanksgiving parade floats to the unsettling list.

Whiskers R We Thanksgiving Catatopia Giveaway

Barbara DeDrew and special friend Furonica are ringing in the holiday season by giving away some feline friends. “The adoption process is simple — we put cats in your car when you’re not looking.”

Deep Thoughts

Before you head off for your post-turkey nap, consider this thoughtful holiday advice from Jack Handey.

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