9 Times ‘Reno 911’ Was the Most Realistic Cop Show

Comedy cops aren’t that much different from ‘Cops’ cops
9 Times ‘Reno 911’ Was the Most Realistic Cop Show

The faux-documentary filming style isn’t the only thing that gives Reno 911 its oddly authentic sense of vérité. The show’s vignettes of cop life are so close to the real thing that you’d be forgiven if you mistook an episode for a slightly bonkers edition of Cops. Here are nine times Reno 911 bumped right up next to reality.

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Car Crash Turned Drug Bust

Police cars bumping into ordinary civilian vehicles is a common enough occurrence that attorneys advertise what to do when it happens. And we’re pretty sure this isn’t the first time police officers accidentally pulled off a drug bust. 

Police Dog Swallows Explosives

Sounds like a silly Reno 911 bit, but drug-sniffing dogs can swallow explosives. Good news: Army sniffer dog Toby survived. That’s a good boy!

Jehovah Witness

Unfortunately, not all instances of wrongful arrest are this hilarious. 


Is Trudy secretly the darkest character on Reno 911? She knows all the tricks to get mental health help in the form of multi-colored pills — which, when done responsibly, isn’t always the worst idea

Screaming at Kids


Police officers get training on how to deal with kids, but that training doesn’t always stickReno 911 may have dreamed up the one scenario in which an in-your-face tirade was warranted. 

Burning Man

Burning Man seems like a good comic occasion to dress up Dangle, Jones and Junior in fetish wear but guess what? Festival veterans know that Reno cops posing as party animals is an all too real phenomenon. 


Look, we believe the men and women protecting our cities and towns are 100 percent committed to their jobs. But history shows that when police officers win the lottery, they resign faster than you can say Mega Millions. 

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