The Scariest Moments From ‘The Office’

‘In the end, the greatest snowball isn’t a snowball at all. It’s fear’
The Scariest Moments From ‘The Office’

The official YouTube channel for The Office put out an all-points Halloween bulletin recently, asking fans to identify the show’s “SCARIEST moments.” And the fans delivered with scenes that, in case you’ve forgotten, often cross over from silly-scary to legit scary-scary. Here are the people’s picks for the most frightening scenes in show history…

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Dwight Has a Pumpkin Head

This one belongs in the silly-scary category, even though Dwight scares the bejeezus out of Erin with his jack-o-lantern noggin. The problem for Dwight? His greased-up head slid into the pumpkin no problem, but getting it off is another matter entirely. Dwight’s solution: “The pumpkin should rot off of my head in a month or two.”

Jim’s Hotel Prank

Dwight and Erin are sneaking into hotel rooms to wake up their Office mates bright and early, but Jim (who is used to getting up at 4 a.m. with babies) is ready for them.

Let’s just say Jim goes a little over the top here with one of those pranks that secretly make him one of the show’s cruelest villains. Seriously, Jim? Gory sheets, a suitcase full of cash and “Dwight did it” scrawled on the door with what appears to be human blood? And a falling corpse on top of that? There’s some point where “prank” becomes “perverted.”

Robert California Is Even Creepier Than Usual

If anyone other than California launched into a grisly monologue for his subordinates, it would seem too weird to be true — but that’s just business as usual for this nutcase. He tells a meandering ghost story about a broken woman who finds a snake strangling her baby. The completely morbid tale ends when the baby turns to the mother and croaks, “I’m fine, bitch, I’m fine.” 

Gabe’s Cinema of the Unsettling

Erin asks Gabe to spook up the office Halloween party and he obliges with a creepy video that transitions from foreboding images to footage of Oscar’s relatives and shots filmed from the backseat of Stanley’s car. WTF, Gabe?

Creed’s Fortunate Timing

It’s a good thing the gang dresses up every year for Halloween, an event that wasn’t on Creed’s radar despite his blood-splattered shirt. “It's Halloween,” he slowly realizes. “That is really, really good timing.” 

Pretty Much Everything About ‘The Dinner Party’ Episode

There are no jump-scares in “The Dinner Party,” just lots of drunk Jan.

Dwight’s Army of Killer Snowmen

At the beginning of this extended snowball fight — emphasis on the “fight” — it’s easy to conclude that smug Jim deserves everything he has coming to him. But Dwight takes throwing snow to another level, emerging from an actual snowman with a backpack full of ammunition while Jim desperately tries to shelter in the padlocked office building. Dwight becomes even more unhinged from there, disguising himself as Pam for surprise attacks, rigging snowball catapults inside wrapped boxes, and most disturbingly, assembling an army of potentially murderous snowmen in the Dunder-Mifflin parking lot. By this point, Jim’s face and clothes are literally blood-stained and we’ve crossed into horror-movie land. 

Dwight watches the terror play out from his perch atop the office building. “In the end, the greatest snowball isnt a snowball at all,” he says ominously. “Its fear.”

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