20 Actors Who People Can Only Ever See As One Character

David Schwimmer will forever be Ross Geller
20 Actors Who People Can Only Ever See As One Character

Being a once-in-a-generation talent can be a double-edged sword. If you play a role too well, audiences will only ever see you as that character. That’s great if you can swing a Law & Order-type series with double-digit seasons, but not so much if your character is, say, a serial killer who gets offed by the final girl in the first installment.

As the fantastically named Redditor SatansMoisture recently pointed out, “For some people, Jim Carrey will always be Ace Ventura because of how popular that movie was,” though for them, “despite the variety of roles that Jesse Plemons has tackled, he will always be the redneck in Paul. … It was a small role, but so memorable to me that I always think about that character every time I see him.” 

They then asked r/Movies, “What actor is permanently stuck in your memory as a specific role no matter how many times you’ve seen them in other things?” and Reddit offered up Skywalkers, pie fuckers, and yes, one very short-lived serial killer.

David Schwimmer

David Duchovny

John Krasinski

Robert Patrick

Anthony Hopkins

Timothy Olyphant

Skeet Ulrich

Sam Neill

Danny DeVito

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Chris Pratt

Patrick Stewart

Kathy Bates

Mark Hamill

George C. Scott

Paul Reubens

Bruce Campbell

Ron Livingston

Jason Biggs

Nicolas Cage

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