The industry has a bad habit of judging a star's creditworthiness based on conventional attributes that they believe are predetermined for a certain role. This is known as typecasting, but it may be particularly aggravating for dynamic actors responsible for bringing something more to the table in terms of performance. Many successful A-List Cinema performers have been typecast through the centuries, with varying degrees of success, whether on purpose or by mistake. Here are the most regularly typecast performers in the industry and the roles they are most often connected with.

In Hollywood, being typecast is fairly prevalent. Robert Downey, Jr. appears to be the "intelligent and suave smartass" go-to guy. Do you require some narration? Morgan Freeman can be tapped. Is a British actor required for the film? Benedict Cumberbatch is a British actor.

Then, the typecasting goes something like "I swear I've seen this person before," which is more often than you may believe. These are the individuals in question.

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