This Girls’ Night Steve Harvey Bar Crawl Has Us More Dumbfounded Than Steve Harvey

How does anyone even think of the words, ‘Steve Harvey Cosplay Crew Goes Clubbing’?
This Girls’ Night Steve Harvey Bar Crawl Has Us More Dumbfounded Than Steve Harvey

Every now and then, some maniac on Twitter will make a post that drops our jaws like we’re Steve Harvey and someone on Family Feud just said the word “penis.” And, for some reason, half of those tweets in recent months have been about Steve Harvey.

Of all the endlessly (and, in many ways, unintentionally) entertaining figures in daytime television, original King of Comedy Harvey is easily the most memeable for reasons even he doesn’t fully understand. From his bristly black mustache to his signature spacious suits to his perpetual bewilderment at the most mildly salacious responses, Harvey is adored and imitated by shitposters across the internet who probably haven’t even seen a full episode of Family Feud since they were kids.

Yesterday, Twitter stared in silent astonishment at videos from a girls’ night bar crawl that appeared to have been organized by the Tiktok account @girlsjstwannahave in Chicago’s Wrigleyville neighborhood in a viral thread that no one could have known would appear on the board.

There’s simply too much to like about this video to properly appreciate in 280 characters — first, how the night started with synchronized dancing among all the Steve Harveys. The fact that the Harveynas brought their impressively procured Family Feud question cards into the clubs with them is also fantastic dedication to the bit, and, finally, the inclusion of a single blue-suited, wide-brimmed-hat-wearing King of Comedy Harvey amongst the beige, bald-capped Family Feud enthusiasts is the cherry on top of this Steve Harvey Sundae.

Among the Twitter comments marveling at the Harvey night heroines were many calls to recreate the event in other cities as well as wonderment at the thought process required to organize such a gathering. 

One user simply observed, “This is the Black women's Guy Fieri.”

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