Meghan McCain Says Seth Meyers Can ‘Go to Hell Forever’

She also describes an unhygienic relationship between Meyers and a certain part of Lorne Michaels’ anatomy
Meghan McCain Says Seth Meyers Can ‘Go to Hell Forever’

Whoever said, “Time heals all wounds” never met conservative nepo baby and self-proclaimed rabble rouser Meghan McCain. Four years after a combustible appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, McCain couldn’t be further from “forgive and forget” mode. 

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Let’s start with the 2019 Late Night appearance that still has the bees buzzing in McCain’s bonnet.

The Meyers/McCain conversation was merrily rolling along for several minutes until Meyers got to the subject of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. At the time, McCain wasn’t alone in criticizing comments Omar had tweeted about Israel. “You were very vocal about some of (Omar’s) tweets,” Meyers said during the appearance. “People were upset, thought it was anti-Semitic language. She has since unequivocally apologized for them.”  

Because McCain had brought up Omar’s remarks again on an appearance with George Stephanopoulos — and because Omar had received death threats around those comments — Meyers asked if everyone needed to tone down rhetoric that he found potentially dangerous. “(Omar has) obviously now stated she needs to be more careful with her language,” Meyers said. “Don’t you think other people who talk about her need to be a little bit more thoughtful as well?”

“I think that I’m calling out what I see as anti-Semitic language,” responded McCain as the interview’s tone turned frostier. “And I think she is bringing her party to extremism on this.”

As the conversation around Omar intensified with more accusations, Meyer interrupted McCain. “You do keep bringing up the two tweets that she’s apologized for,” he interjected, “and I think that’s a little unfair to her." 

“Are you her publicist?” an irritated McCain replied. “Are you her press person?”

In the moment, McCain’s husband Ben Domenech came to McCain’s defense with a social media attack that bordered on the bizarre. Domenech, one of the founders of The Federalist, let loose with a series of now-deleted homophobic tweets, as reported by The Daily Beast.

Considering that McCain herself had been an intern on Saturday Night Live, we’re guessing Lorne Michaels may have taken her off his holiday card list. “Seth is an awful person who is known within the industry for how terrible he is,” Domenech said in a follow-up tweet (also since deleted). “He is a monumental asshole who is utterly unfunny. He deserves the mockery he receives from all the people who laugh at him.”

Domenech eventually walked back his vitriol, but McCain remains plenty pissed off. She went off on Meyers this week on the most recent episode of her Meghan McCain Has Entered the Chat podcast with level-headed guest Ted Cruz. Speaking of late-night stuff, I went on Seth Meyers, and it was one of the worst experiences of my life, truly, she said, repeating her husband’s opinion about Meyers’ relationship to Lorne Michaels’ testicles. It was a horrific experience, and he can go to hell forever.

Despite McCain’s sustained fury and desire for Meyers’ eternal damnation, the Late Night host somehow managed to discuss apple-picking with Fred Armisen last night anyway.

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