The Sitcom Masters of Physical Comedy, According to Reddit

*Steps on a rake. And another one. And another one...*
The Sitcom Masters of Physical Comedy, According to Reddit

Redditor Helloimafanoffiction didn’t beat around the bush with this question to r/Sitcom: Which sitcom character is the master of physical comedy? More than most queries, this one generated responses representing several decades of television comedy. Here are the top five upvoted characters most likely to trip over an ottoman. (Sorry, Rob Petrie, you just missed the list.)

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Hal from ‘Malcolm in the Middle’

No better answer than this,” in the opinion of No_Addendum5504. “That guy makes me laugh every goddamn episode, the reactions, the screams.” 

Niles Crane from ‘Frasier’

Niles Crane, ironing his pants,” proclaimed Sure_Apartment1133. 

“This was the first scene I thought of too,” agreed PeterNippelstein. “Theres some great moments in the episode where they run the restaurant too.”

“I agree that this is the right choice,” wrote Marjorine22. “The pants thing was crazy. But just watching him when he was behind Daphne and carrying on in the early seasons? He said a ton without saying a damn thing. So funny.”

Jizanthapus_ put an exclamation point on the matter: “The only right answer.”

Jack Tripper from ‘Three’s Company’

“Submitted for your consideration: John Ritter as Jack Tripper on Three's Company,” offered Hamblerger. “Never equaled in my eyes.”

“It’s even in his name,” pointed out Atheist_Alex_C, one of a chorus of voices proclaiming, “Yep,” “This is the right answer,” “My first thought!” and “I immediately thought of Jack.”

Lucy Ricardo from ‘I Love Lucy’

Lucille Ball, absolute queen of physical comedy,” wrote BlahPink674. Then Scoob1978 went one better: “She’s just the queen of comedy.”

BlueGreen1956 added, “Nobody has ever come close to Lucille Ball when it comes to physical comedy and handling props.”

One line from our old pal Atheist_Alex C, “Oh I’m feeling fine, but you know it’s HOT in here!” brings back all the laughs from Lucy’s Vitameatavegimen extravaganza. 

Cosmo Kramer from ‘Seinfeld’

Your runaway winner! Seriously, it’s Kramer and it wasn’t even close. “The tight jeans scene gets me every time,” admits neko_courtney.

“He falls down for about 15 solid seconds trying to get a seat in that ‘The Subway’ episode,” marvels brettmbr. “Absolutely hilarious.”

Goonskwizzle threw out a few more examples: “The sand in the shirt. The elephant shower head.”

“He is pure physical comedy,” proclaimed fireandblonde. “Undefeated!”

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