Niles or Frasier? Reddit Decides Who It Wants for a Therapist

The verdict is in, and ‘there will be no blaming mommy today’
Niles or Frasier? Reddit Decides Who It Wants for a Therapist

The brothers Crane, Frasier and Niles, are two of Seattle’s finest therapists. Well. At the very least, they are indisputably two of Seattle’s therapists. If you could only select one to help you deal with life’s most perplexing problems, which would you choose? The good Redditors of r/frasier recently asked themselves the same question and, insurance verification pending, here are their conclusions (user spelling and grammar kept intact).

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Team Frasier

Frasier’s titular character got surprisingly little love as Reddit’s therapist of choice. But Kelsey Grammar’s neurotic psychotherapist does have a few fervent fans. 

“If it's relationship advice I'm going to Frasier,” wrote u/Jonesy1138. Then again, “everything else, probably Niles.”

U/Shogun_Empyrean weighed in with a similar split decision, choosing Niles as a therapist but “Frasier as that mate that I vent to who also gives good advice." Others agreed -- Frasier seems like a good dude to share a beer with at a Boston bar. 

“Frasier seems more intuitive emotionally,” says u/notmynameyours. “Niles is dying to diagnose, whereas Frasier wants to really connect with his patients.” 

Team Lilith

Even though Frasier’s ex wasn’t part of the original question, she got a surprising amount of support. “Lilith for the win,” says u/crmrdtr. “She is a SOLID write-in candidate,” agrees u/steakhousefunyun. 

Team Niles

But let’s get real, this wasn’t even close. Niles was the runaway choice for personal therapist. Witness the 273 upvotes for u/HatDanceCanada’s comment, “Absolutely Niles.”

“My personal preference is Niles as well,” says u/steakhousefunyun. “In addition to being a Jungian over a Freudian, he seems (to this viewer, anyway) generally more thoughtful as a human.”

U/fishsupper also notes the Freud/Jung difference, stating their general preference for Freudians like Frasier. That said, “I’d still pick Niles without question.”

“Asked the wife this the other day,” said u/Hefty-Tree-6867. “We both say Niles, hands down.”

“Niles also doesn't seem to struggle as much as Frasier to admit when he's wrong,” says u/ungratefulshitebag. “I would want a therapist who is able to self reflect and amend their advice if they realised it was incorrect. Niles is quite good at that whereas Frasier tends to dig his heels in a little bit.”

“Niles, no doubt, he seems like he is gentle & understanding as a psychiatrist,” says u/flobsicle.

But perhaps the best choice for personal therapist was identified by u/DonnaNobleSmith. “I’d probably stay on the line and let Ros refer me to a 3rd option.”

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