A Three-Part ‘Archer’ Finale Event Is Coming in December

‘Archer’ is saying goodbye... again
A Three-Part ‘Archer’ Finale Event Is Coming in December

The series finale of Archer aired on October 11th. And so, the Archer panel yesterday at New York Comic Con mostly promised to be a tribute to the recently concluded series. But if anything, it was the exact opposite — doubling as a surprise announcement that Archer will have one final mission after all.

The panel began with a best-of clip reel from all 14 seasons of the show (unsurprisingly, clips featuring the late Jessica Walter received thunderous applause). Then “Breaking Fabian,” the episode everyone thought was the series finale, was shown. However, the cliffhanger they left off with — that all independent spy organizations, Archer’s included, would be disbanded in 30 days — will instead operate as the jumping off point for a new three-episode event called Archer: Into the Cold. It will debut on December 17th — first on FX, then the next day on Hulu.

The panel also debuted a sneak peek at the first of those episodes, which features Archer and the gang on a hilariously bloody mission in Brazil. It’s once again being advertised as the last ride for Archer — unless, of course, a movie or something is announced at next year’s Comic Con.

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