The World Is Not Ready for r/Frasier

The World Is Not Ready for r/Frasier

For a classic television show that’s been off the airwaves for nearly twenty years, Frasier has an unexpectedly passionate fanbase. With the show returning this week after that two-decade absence, we tip-toed over to Reddit and peeked into r/Frasier. No surprise — Frasier-philes were whipping up a frenzy of tossed salad and scrambled eggs in celebration of the return of their Neurotic King. If you’re afraid to check r/Frasier yourself — and hey, we get it — here’s what those sherry-swilling, opera-loving, Armani-wearing elitists are up to.

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Several fans who’ve gone too long without their Frasier fix decided to make a special night of the premiere. u/Quigonwindrunner posted a photo demonstrating “how my wife decided for us to celebrate” the show’s return — a haphazard charcuterie full of food that references the original series, complete with note cards to complete episode references. For example, “The Russian bear hunts by night” sits atop what must be Roz’s caviar. Delightful.

“To enjoy new Frasier, the atmosphere has to be absolutely perfect,” says u/kingofwishful, posing with a cheeky Merlot and his own personal Eddie.

Dozens of witty bon mots borrowed from classic Frasier episodes followed, such as u/CritiqueDeLaCritque’s “Were I your older brother I would have suggested Armagnac,” and u/HappyInTheRain’s “The only thing missing is someone shouting Heathcliff across the moors!"

Don’t have time to whip up fancy food and wine at home? u/asisyphus_ took another route with a visit to the Frasier food truck…

…where the tossed salad and scrambled egg (muffin) combo offers a sitcom meal fit for a Harvard grad.

Finally, u/thelittlestrummerboy got in on the fan frenzy by posting his acoustic cover of the show’s ubiquitous theme song.

All of these posts simply demonstrate the maelstrom of excitement swirling around the series’ return, and r/Frasier is full of passionate discussions about how the first episode should be discussed without ruining it for the stragglers. (“A lot of you are posting so much info on the new season, some good some bad, and it's affecting my ability to watch the show objectively,” grumbled u/argus4ever before announcing an intention to leave the subreddit until everyone calmed down.) 

The spoiler-free solution seems to be a post titled REVIVAL EPISODE 1 MEGATHREAD: Spoilers inside that at the time of this writing was approaching 700 comments. It’s difficult to sum up Frasier fans’ general reaction without giving away crucial plot points, but u/magicflute1411 shared a reasonably representative sentiment that has received more than 100 upvotes: “I watched and I REALLY LIKE IT!!! It is Frasier, only older!”

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