10 Best Pete Davidson ‘SNL’ Moments

The first-time host has delivered some all-time classics
10 Best Pete Davidson ‘SNL’ Moments

Welcome back, Pete Davidson! SNL’s one-time Resident Young Person returns to the show that feels like he never left — mainly because it’s only been a year and change since Davidson last appeared as a cast member. (He would have been back even sooner except last spring’s writer strike postponed his hosting debut.) While we wait to see what he has in store for us on Saturday night, let’s look back at ten memorable moments from the SNL career of Pete Davidson.

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First Weekend Update appearance

On Pete’s first-ever show, he absolutely killed by playing his best character — Pete Davidson. Michael Che legit has a hard time keeping a straight face as Davidson ponders how much money he’d require to go down on a guy. It’s the shocking/charming combo platter that would win hearts across Hollywood. 

Uncle Meme

The Pete Davidson/John Mulaney comedy combo doesn’t seem like a natural on its surface, but the two have undeniable chemistry on SNL and on the stand-up stage. The sketch spotlights Mulaney but works because we believe Davidson is absolutely capable of the crimes of which he’s accused here.

Movie Night

By Davidson’s own admission, he didn’t come to SNL as a skilled character actor. But he uses that uncomfortable awkwardness to his advantage in this sketch about a teen stuck watching sex scenes with his parents. 

Zombie Apocolypse High School

When you’re doing physical comedy and holding your own against Jim Carrey, you must be doing something right.

Meet Cute

Given Davidson’s reputation, it’s weird that no one has cast him in a straight-up romantic comedy. Consider this his audition tape — we can see it!

Jasmine and Aladdin

Kim Kardashian told Jimmy Kimmel about falling in love parodying a Disney film. “Actually, for Valentine’s Day, (Pete) got me the rug and the whole outfits and the little genie lamp,” she said a few months before they both moved on to their next conquests.


Explaining NFTs might be the most useful thing Davidson ever did on SNL

Three Sad Virgins

Pete comes full circle from his original SNL appearance. He started as the nervous rookie eager to prove himself and left as the guy the nervous rookies are trying to impress. When you’re headlining the music video with Taylor Swift, you know it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. 

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