Dan Harmon Says Zack Snyder Approached Him About Making A ‘Rick and Morty’ Movie

Harmon, Snyder and Warner Bros. have been talking about making ‘a six-hour ‘Rick and Morty’ movie’
Dan Harmon Says Zack Snyder Approached Him About Making A ‘Rick and Morty’ Movie

According to Dan Harmon, he and action movie director Zack Snyder are mutually interested in making a Rick and Morty movie. Get ready for Rick to spend a lot more time T-posing.

With the premiere of Rick and Morty Season Seven on Sunday, Harmon and his fans are roughly 30 episodes away from the end of Adult Swim’s 10-season order of their flagship series. Harmon has deflected the suggestion that the last season planned at this point in time will be the show’s last, telling The Hollywood Reporter in a recent interview that he may just keep Rick and Morty churning for 100 seasons — in fact, “it’s designed to.”

As Harmon fans anxiously await more news about the as-of-yet unfilmed Community movie adaptation, the TV mogul revealed some potential plans for a new “10+x Seasons and A Movie” movement — and he may have the help of another nerd icon to bring it to fruition. Harmon revealed that 300 and Justice League director Zack Snyder recently pitched him on the idea of a Rick and Morty movie directed by Snyder. “He was totally a super fan and was just like, ‘Is there any way I can help get that movie started by using my Snyder-ness?’” Harmon reported. Getting Warner Bros. to throw an extra $70 million at the movie after it already came out might help.

Harmon clarified that, though Snyder did summon him for a meeting at Warner Bros. with the intention of discussing a possible Rick and Morty movie, the talk was “not him saying, ‘I get to do it,’ or anything like that.” Snyder was simply an interested fan with some sway in the movie business hoping to help Harmon expand his prized franchise — and if Snyder helmed the project, even better for everyone.

It took little convincing from Snyder for Harmon to hop on board. “The Rick and Morty movie is coming as soon as Zack Snyder gets back from his vacation,” Harmon joked, before expanding on his exhaustingly lengthy plans, saying, “I want to start with a Snyder cut of that movie and then I want to do the director’s cut of a Snyder cut release, so we can just have a six-hour Rick and Morty movie and three hours of it is in black and white.”

The talks quickly moved upstairs as Harmon met with Warner Bros. executives, saying of the potential film adaptation, “it felt like maybe it was time to get the ball rolling.” The ever-particular writer said that he and his potential partners were on the same page, and the ideas they discussed had the “right conceit.” 

“My philosophy would be to just take a Rick and Morty adventure, and spend a bunch of extra money on it and make it 90 minutes long,” Harmon explained of the yet-unwritten-and-unapproved Rick and Morty movie. “Not to try to earn its feature status by virtue of canonical dramatic tone shifts or anything like that, but rather to just make it a super badass episode of Rick and Morty.”

Though Harmon clarified that, obviously, any Rick and Morty feature film would be animated, if he and Snyder ever wanted to put the internet movie/TV nerd community into a collective coma, they would do well to make a live-action adaptation with some splashy casting choices — we hear Henry Cavill is available.

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