Adult Swim Finally Reveals Some Details About the New Season of ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’

They promise that it looks better, but also, exactly the same
Adult Swim Finally Reveals Some Details About the New Season of ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’

We’ve known since January that Adult Swim is working on a brand new, five-episode season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but details thus far have been minimal. That, however, started to change during an Adult Swim panel at New York Comic Con on Thursday, when a handful of details finally emerged.

A few guest stars — including acclaimed voice actors Eric Bauza, Maurice LaMarche and Dan Folger as well as, most surprisingly, Succession star Brian Cox — were teased. And Adult Swim President Michael Ouweleen noted that the 2022 Aqua Teen movie set up a “new production pipeline,” meaning the show will have a bit more polish than in the olden days. But before you start worrying about an A.I.-generated Meatwad, Ouweleen promised that the show “still looks like Aqua Teen. It’s more animated but still, charmingly, not fully animated.” And, he emphasized, “no A.I. was used.”

He then showed a clip from the upcoming season where Master Shake is hooked on VR. While the VR world looked a little cuter and more detailed than typical Aqua Teen, when they snapped back to the living room, the show did, indeed, look mostly like it used to, with just a little more depth to the backgrounds.

In addition to the VR episode, Ouweleen said that a few different animation styles will be employed for specific episodes, but all in service of the story. Most importantly, he promised, “Watching these five, you’re all going to be like, ‘I’m back.’ There’s not a false step in it.”

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