10 of the Funniest NBA Moments

The only airballs here are the hilarious kind
10 of the Funniest NBA Moments

Considering the 82-game schedule that stretches from early fall until mid-summer, basketball is among the more grueling professional sports. And so, it makes sense that the players infuse a little humor into their lives — both on and off the court. Thinking about these fun basketball moments, @HoopMixOnly recently asked the timeline “What is the funniest NBA moment y’all have ever seen?” The answers were a total slam dunk (but of course).

Preemptive Three-Point Celebration

While Bismack Biyombo’s jumper looked smooth, the announcer may have jumped the gun with their excitement as Biyombo’s shot attempt was a certified airball. Happening during the COVID season to an empty arena only made their giddiness all the more hilarious.

Fergie vs. the National Anthem

When Fergie was tapped to sing the National Anthem ahead of the 2018 All-Star Game, people had high hopes. However, these people, as well as the ASG participants who couldn’t stifle their reactions, were quickly disappointed. 

Paul Pierce’s Rejected Headband

A lot of times when a professional athlete throws a game-worn garment into the crowd, the item is almost instantly uploaded to eBay. This, however, wasn’t the case for former Brooklyn Nets shooting guard Pierce, who threw his headband into the crowd only to have it returned immediately.

The Giannis and James Harden Rivalry Comes to a Literal Head


There have been many famous rivalries in NBA history: Magic and Larry. MJ and Isiah. Shaq and Kobe. Recently, Giannis Antetokounmpo and James Harden have joined that illustrious list of NBA players going toe-to-toe. Or, in this case, basketball-to-head.

Tim Hardaway, the Baseball Umpire

Sometimes committing to the bit is much more fun than actually playing the game. This was the case for New York Knicks point guard Hardaway, who opted to let up on defense and allow a three-point shot in order to call a referee who took a tumble a very baseball umpire-like “safe.” 

Blake Griffin ‘Accidentally’ Dumping His Water on a Fan

After being fouled out of a contentious playoff game between the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers, Griffin expressed his dismay for the call by throwing his hands in the air. Unfortunately for the Warriors fan behind him, Griffin was holding a cup of water and “accidentally” drenched the opposing fan.

Kevin Garnett and the Word ‘Equivalent’

The way the legendary Garnett pronounced the word “equivalent” during his NBA talk segment “Area 21” is funnier than some of the most iconic sitcom line readings.

Isaiah Stewart Goes Goblin Mode

After taking an elbow to the face from LeBron James, Stewart went feral. You’re going to enjoy going blind into this one — Stewart, however, didn’t enjoy being somewhat blinded.

Draymond Green Stomping on Domantas Sabonis

In an effort to release his foot from Sabonis’ grip, Green stomped on the Sacramento Kings forward’s chest like he was straight out of Grand Theft Auto

‘I’m sorry, I just wanted a Frosty’

Philadelphia 76ers point guard Isaiah Thomas was ejected after a 2019 game against the Washington Wizards for getting into an altercation with a fan who gave him the finger. In a post-game interview, Thomas explained that the reason for the free-flying bird was the fan’s attempt to capitalize on “The Frosty Freeze-Out,” a Wendy’s promotion that offered a free Frosty should a player miss two consecutive free throws. If you’ve had the frozen dairy treat before, you’d understand that the approach was reasonable. 

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