Kid Destroys Table Imitating ‘SNL’s Chris Farley

Kid Destroys Table Imitating ‘SNL’s Chris Farley

The legend of Chris Farley lives on, thanks to a young TikTok comic who has taken up residence in a van down the river. No more words needed from us, Dad, we’ll let Matt Foley Jr. take it from here.


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It’s a Halloween pep talk for the ages and we’ll give young Bryce some credit. He doesn’t just imitate an old Saturday Night Live sketch but makes up a new holiday-themed motivational speech for his brother. Bryce’s dad @twistedbobo recommends watching through to the end — and why wouldn’t we? It’s a classic Farley ending with Bryce flattening the family furniture in one gigantic flop. We’re assuming Dad helped with a prop table that would break away easily, but even so, the young comic completely and utterly commits to the pratfall. 

But the kid isn’t done there. “Bryce thinks he’s Chris Farley and I can’t stop laughing!” says @twistedbobo on another of his son’s videos. “I love this kid!!” 


From the looks of the Packers jerseys and Culvers references on his dad’s account, Bryce is a Wisconsin boy just like his idol Farley. Apparently there’s something in the cheese curds that grows motivational speakers over there in America’s Dairyland. There are hundreds of comments on the viral video, many of them echoing the statement that “Chris Farley would be proud.”

That might be all the motivation Bryce needs to carve out his own SNL future someday.

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