‘The Global Media War Against Free Speech Is in Full Swing’: Russell Brand Cries Conspiracy As He Begs Fans for Financial Support

According to Brand, the only way to stop the Deep State’s war on free speech is to purchase an annual subscription to his Rumble channel
‘The Global Media War Against Free Speech Is in Full Swing’: Russell Brand Cries Conspiracy As He Begs Fans for Financial Support

Facing a police probe, YouTube demonetization and a widely publicized free fall of what’s left of his reputation, embattled comedian Russell Brand is pulling the stunt from the alt-right playbook that’s been helping grifters like him “Stop the Steal” for three straight years — he’s begging the mouth breathers for money by using the magic word, “conspiracy.”

Following a collaborative investigation launched by three separate U.K. news organizations that revealed Brand’s alleged history of abuse, sexual assault and rape of four different women (one as young as 16 when the alleged attack occurred), Brand’s media empire centered around medical disinformation and radical right-wing conspiracy theories has begun to crumble. The controversial comedian and “political activist” now finds himself potentially facing legal trouble without a steady stream of YouTube ad revenue — however, on the content platform Rumble, a YouTube alternative popular with alt-right mouthpieces spurned by the mainstream means of content grifting, Brand recently unveiled his boldest strategy for staying afloat amidst the controversy.

“We are going to be talking about the state and the legacy media’s war on free speech, and in particular, how that has affected me,” Brand began in a video posted Monday night, which is essentially alt-right speak for, “Put your credit card on the collection plate and walk away.”

“You now know that I have been demonetized on YouTube,” Brand told his followers, saying that he is “fully well aware that the government wrote to social media platforms to demand that I be further censored.” Brand continued to insist that his de-platforming was the result of a widespread attack on “independent media” and not a response to the rape accusations against him (allegations not known for being advertiser-friendly) without even hinting at any evidence he may hold that the actions taken against him by a private entity were driven by the deep state’s fear of his powerful voice. “The global media war against free speech is in full swing. How do I know? Take a guess,” Brand snarked.

“Obviously, it’s difficult for me to be entirely objective given the events of the past week but that’s what we’ll try to do,” Brand claimed, continuing, “What we appear to be looking at here are a set of collaborating institutions that have an agenda, and pursue that agenda, even when in pursuing it they have to bypass, obstruct or absolutely ignoring existing judicial or regulatory bodies by moving straight to punitive measures.”

How are Brand’s army of like-minded tinfoil hatters going to fight such a powerful collective of public and private institutions? Why, by purchasing a paid subscription to his Rumble channel, of course! A low annual fee of $60 is, apparently, all it takes to help Brand topple the U.K. government and the lame-stream media conglomerate that decided the best course of action for entities with unlimited extrajudicial reach looking to destroy their biggest threat was to take away Brand’s 10-second intro ads on his YouTube channel.

Yesterday, London’s Metropolitan Police Department announced that they have launched a police probe into the allegations against Brand, including those featured in the investigative documentary that began Brand’s current troubles. Additional accusations have been made against Brand since the documentary’s release earlier this month, as a representative from the police force told the New York Post, “Following an investigation by Channel 4’s Dispatches and The Sunday Times, the Met has received a number of allegations of sexual offenses in London. We have also received a number of allegations of sexual offenses committed elsewhere in the country and will investigate these.”

If the wave of allegations against Brand does result in criminal charges, Rumble revenue may not be enough to stop the deep state’s attacks — look out for Brand to announce his newest free speech NFT collection from the defense table of a London courthouse.

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